Thursday, March 31, 2016

Freeze Fest- Marion, IA-February 20, 2016 - 5K

A perfect day in February in Iowa.  50 degrees.  Seriously this is unheard of.  Susan, Juli, Amy, Lorna and I decided to run the Freeze Fest 5K in Marion a couple months ago.  We all traveled together to get to the race.  An hour before we started we all took lots of pictures together.  I saw many people I knew like Mike Yeries, Tyler Sullivan, Julie Johnston and many more.  About 20 minutes before we raced, Juli and I warmed up outside.  It was cold, but not bad.  We did about a mile or less for a warm up.

I started out kinda fast, like about a 7:45 minute mile pace.  I knew I couldn't hold it so I quickly slowed down to an 8:15 pace.  I hoped to hold that pace so I went with it.  Soon I was passing people I wanted to pass and doing well for me.

At the 2nd turn around I was still feeling good, but not great, a little nauseous.  I wasn't sure why for my nutrition was right on.    About 3/4ths of a mile before the end Tyler Sullivan came back to find me and run with me for a strong finish.  If only I had felt better.  I was feeling sicker by the moment and I was dressed in next to nothing so it wasn't because of being overdressed.  I only had shorts and a sports tank on.

Tyler was yelling, RELAX, PUMP YOUR ARMS, DROP YOUR SHOULDERS and much more.  I was trying to do all he said.  I couldn't go faster than I was, not a second faster.  I couldn't even talk back to him to tell him SHUT UP like I so badly wanted to.

The course ended up being a 10th too long and that ended up being bad for me.  My time was 27:05 which was a major PR for this course by 1 minute 10 seconds over my best time for this course.  My PR for a 5K is 26:51 so I know had this course not been long that I would have hit a new personal record today.  Bummed out.  Oh well with the great training I'm doing, as long as I stay healthy I can break it this year.  Link for results is HERE!  My stats are below as well as a bunch of pictures.

I placed 122 of 320 overall
35 of 169 out of Women
5 of 20 in my age group.
Me, Amy, Lorna, Juli and Susan

Our race bibs

Racing shoes

My running coach Tyler Sullivan who placed 5th overall and 1st in his age group of 25-29.  

Another before picture.  Left to Right:  Me, Susan, Lorna, Juli and Amy.

My individual results

Juli, Lorna and Susan being silly.

Mr. Garmin

Tyler with another friend.

Amy, Me, Tyler and Russell from my Cocky Roosters Racing team.

Me taping up Russell's knee so he could run FAST!
A picture taken during the race of me running.

After the race Amy and I went to a restaurant to get pie.  It was delightful!