Friday, March 22, 2013

A new record

It was hard, but I did it. I swear the elliptical is the hardest thing ever for me to work out on, but I did it. Now had this been a treadmill then I could have done 7 miles in this time, so why it is only at 5 miles in 80 minutes on the elliptical I don't know. Either way I'm glad I stuck with it and hit a new all time time and distance record for me.
Proof that I hit 80 minutes and 13 seconds.  5.01 miles

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weight Loss

Loosing weight is hard, gaining it is easy.  I'm sure of that.  I love food and have found that I can easily put on 2 pounds a week, but to take 2 pounds off a week is next to impossible.

Last time I remembered weighing in was October and I was 144.  Then on New Year's Day I weighed in because my size 6 jeans wouldn't come up the thighs, and the size 8 jeans weren't fitting and I was feeling like a cow.  Sure enough I had gained a lot of weight in just two months with an injury that prevented me from doing any cardio exercise at all.

I gained (18 pounds) to be exact during my injury.  I weighed in at 162 pounds.  The heaviest I had been in 9 years.  However, finally it is slowly coming off so that is great and I'm feeling better all the time.  I used to linger between 140 and 145 which for me is a great weight.  All the charts say I should be 120 to 130 for my height, but seriously I don't think those take into account muscle mass that I had on me, and I was lifting all the time.  I was a size 6 and felt good most of the time so I was happy with that weight of 140-145.    You may be thinking 18 pounds isn't bad.  Well it was for me. I was sad, mad and worried I'd never see the 140's again.

Well I knew I needed to eat better, for that has always been my hardest thing so I'm eating as clean as possible meaning trying not to eat processed foods.  I have had some, but very little.  Also, eating many fruits and vegetables a day.  Some meals have been all fruits and vegetables and I have to say that I feel so good.  So amazingly good.  AND I've lost 10 pounds in 2 months so that is what I'm really excited about.  My current weight is 152 so I still have more to loose, but hey I'm getting there.

I'm exercising more.  I'm teaching usually 3 Zumba classes a week on average and several Body Sculpt classes, trying to fit in a run once in a while, some time on my elliptical machine and some swimming.  I need to make some time to bike and hoping for good weather soon so I can do that outside.

I did take a before picture that I will not share yet, for I want an awesome AFTER picture to share when I finally show the embarrassing before picture.  When I get back down to 140, which I know in a couple months I will achieve this as I'm working hard to regain my super fit body, but this time eating right.  My after picture will look awesome.  Can't wait to show it.

Happy Exercising!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

CVRA Freeze Fest 2013--Marion, IA--February 23, 2013

It was a cold day in the low 20's, however it was a great day for a race. The sun was out, it wasn't snowing and everyone seemed happy. I am just getting back into running since my injury so I was on a 4 minute walk/1 minute run interval to help me along into easing back into running safely without re-injuring myself or aggravating the ankle.  I have now participated in this race for 3 years and I really like it.  This year we didn't see  Lisa or Kris, but still had fun.  My final time was 42:15 so not bad for a 3.1 mile race.  This beats my all walking 5k a month ago by 11 minutes.  I'm happy with the time as I will just continue to get better and get better times in the future.  Below are pictures of the event.

My running friends! 

All of us. Stephany, Tracy, her husband Steve, Rhoni Jo and me.

Even batman arrived.

I like to take pictures of our racing feet.  This one is Tracy
up top with Steve next to her, then Rhoni Jo, Stephany and me.

Since I was walk/running intervals for this race I brought
along my camera to get pictures of my friends.

Me speed walking with Rhoni Jo.  I still wasn't able to run a full
5k yet, however look how silly I'm dressed.  I didn't even
realize it until this picture was shown to me.

Back of shirt.
Front of shirt

My personal results.  They printed them for you.

My race number and it adds up to 13 which is my lucky number.