Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Alexian Brothers Fitness for America Sports Festival 10K and Half Marathon-- Hoffman Estates, Illilnois

Jason and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and part of our weekend celebration in Chicago was to find a race to do.  We chose this one in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  I did the half marathon since I was scheduled to run that far anyway for my marathon training.  Here are the results for that race--Results.  Jason ran the 10K race and got a new personal record.  His results are here for the 10K.
Jason and I taking a picture of ourselves before our races
began.  Jason was running the 10K and I ran the
half marathon.

Around mile 11, I was running next to a girl that shared my
running pace.  Her name is Shelby and she is from Georgia.
I was impressed that her goal is to run 35 half marathons before
she turns 35 and today was race #33 for her.  I also learned that
she will be running the Air Force Marathon with me in September.

Jason caught a picture of me right before
the finish line.

 After a shower wearing the race shirt.

Later that day we both dressed up a little and went to a nice restaurant
called Rose Bud

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Midnight Madness 5K, 10K, 15K challenge--Ames, Iowa

A very hot night in Ames, Iowa. Around 4p.m. a storm brought a bunch of rain. After the storm passed through the air was super humid. Tracy and I rode together to Ames and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on 13th Street. It was a very nice hotel which she got for a great price since she is a state employee. We left to pick up our packet and I ran into Alvin Ravenscroft.  See post here about how I met him.

I actually remembered his last name.  My friend Tracy took a picture of us which you will see below.

This race is unique for these reasons:
There is a 5 and 10K race.  Or you can do both for the 15K challenge and your times will be combined.
There is a pasta dinner after with cookies, fruit, water and soda.
This race is at night.

Al and Me at packet pickup.

Just before the 5K race started.  Stephany, Me, Lisa, Tracy and Rhoni  Jo.

Rhoni Jo, Lisa and Me right before the 10K.

Rhoni Jo and I running in the 10K.

I ran the 5K and had a time of 35:16. I think this was my slowest 5K time in all my history of running, but it was super hot out, around 90 degrees with super high humidity, and my body was having a hard time cooling down. I was hotter than I've ever been in a running race, and by mile 2 had a stomach ache and ran with this huge pain in my stomach.

 My stats for the 5K are these: I was 55 of 88 in my age group of 35-39. 477th place of 799 females. 1193rd place out of 1634 total finishers so I wasn't last and that is good. Here are the results. I finished and had about 20 minutes to prepare for the 10K. When I lined up for the 10K I just knew something wasn't right with me. My stomach hurt and I didn't feel like running any more. I felt done for the day. I ran the first mile and didn't stop, but then I was so warm and felt like puking. I never did puke and for that I'm grateful. I walked more than I would have liked during mile 2 and continued on. By mile 2.25 I knew I was just sick and should stop running. Thank goodness my friend Rhoni Jo was with me because she was feeling just fine and was in the right mind set to tell me to get medical help. She called Tracy who was waiting for us at the finish and told her I wouldn't be doing the 2nd 5K loop and to get me medical help.  I made it to the end of the 1st loop and was walked with Tracy to the medical tent.  As soon as a freezing cold wet towel was placed on my shoulders I perked right up and felt better.  My pulse was high, but my blood pressure was low.   I was disappointed that I didn't complete the full 15K, but it's better that I stopped instead of passing out.   I still completed 29 miles for the week so that's good.

2012 Tri in July--Sigourney, Iowa

A nice race in a small town. If you are looking for a first time triathlon experience this one may be for you. You swim 5 laps there and back in an outdoor pool (330 yards), then bike almost 6 miles and then run 2 miles. There are tons of volunteers to help you at every turn. After the race you have some bananas and cookies waiting for you along with cold water and breakfast pizza. Below is a picture of me with 3 of my friends who also did the race.

Race results are HERE   I was happy to place 3rd in my age group and beat my time from last year!

Stephany, Me, Tracy and Allison.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Alliant Energy 5th Season 4th of July, 8K &5K races--Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

First I just have to say that this race was HOT and not hot like great, but HOT in temperature. We woke up to 80 degrees with high humidity early in the morning. You can just imagine how much hotter it got one and two hours later. Last year I ran the 8K (5 mile race) in 48:38, this year I was hoping for a better time, however I did so much worse.  The best thing I can say is that I finished.  I had a really hard time cooling my body down. It wasn't until mile 4 at a water stop that I asked several volunteers to throw water on me that I finally felt better. Racers were puking all over the place, it was disgusting. People were just pushing themselves way beyond what they should in the heat.  I never puked and for that I'm grateful.

 If you want to see results click on this link.

It's a nice organized race.  I have written some good and bad points that are my opinion about this race, so you can decide if you want to do this race next year:  

The Good
Organized packet pickup.
Organized in general.
Course is down hill for half of it. 
Plenty of volunteers at every turn so you never could get lost. I was impressed by the number of people volunteering.  You can't have a good race without a bunch of volunteers.
3 water stations, which ends up being 4 because you pass by 1 of them twice. 
Chip timed--however you have to give the chip back. I think for a race this size they should have those disposable bib chip timing things. 
Some food after--Water, Gatorade, oranges, bananas, cookies after 8K race. 
Medals for 5 places deep in the age group. 
Early time in the morning to start the race so if it is hot, like this year you get it over with early.

 The Bad 
 Course is up hill for half of it. 
NO goody packet.  Instead it was an envelope with advertisements for other races. Save some paper and put those brochures on a table and if people want to pick them up they will.  Seriously with all of these sponsors can't you give away something?  Instead all the money from sponsors goes to pay fast runners to do this race, why? 
Shirt was the EXACT same as last year, just a different color. WHY? Change it up a little please.
 More food at the end. When my daughter finished her 5K there were NO cookies left. You should have enough food for all races. Why wasn't there better food? Last year it was better and I would expect with all the sponsors you have to see more choices.   Seriously it's a 5 mile race and I've seen more choices of food in 3 mile races.  Many people ran both the 5 and 8K race.

You run past a super stinky factory that makes you literally gag, maybe that's why so many people were throwing up.

I did have a nice morning despite the bad points and the heat, below are some pictures:

My daughter and me.  I found these tanks at Wal-Mart.
Perfect for the 4th of July.

Jason and I.

One of my running friends, Lisa.

Alyssa running in for a strong 5K finish.

Here is me after both the 8 and 5K race.  I first did
the 8K for me, then Alyssa wanted me to run her race
with her, so I did.  I'm grateful I'm fit enough to do
just that!  My tank stretched way out when it was wet
so it looks horrible at the end of two races.  I won't be
wearing that again.