Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hard week

So far I feel like a noodle. I have taught so many classes this week, in fact 8 to be exact and I still have 4 to go. Zumba tonight, then Step early in the morning tomorrow, Body Sculpt at 8:45a.m. then Zumba tomorrow night. I just hope I can make it to Friday night.

In October I will be adding a class, but taking one away. Adding a Zumba and taking away a Body Sculpt on Fridays.

I want to get rid of Step, I just don't like teaching it anymore, so I'm sure that's next to go.

I haven't had a chance to run this week and haven't felt like I should yet due to the heavy aerobic teaching schedule I have this week. Hoping that next week I can run on Monday since I only teach Body Sculpt next Monday and then run again on Wednesday since next Wednesday I will only teach Body Sculpt again.

This weekend my son and husband and I are all doing a team race. It's called the Flying Pigs Duathlon. Brenden will run the 3.1 miles to start (since he has a faster 5K time than me) then Jason will bike for 20 miles and then I'll run 1.5 miles. After this race I don't have any scheduled till October 23rd because I paid for all my races back in July and don't have any extra money to pay for any races until November and even then it's doubtful.

I want to do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, it sounds fun, but will depend on if I'm donating plasma again to have the extra money for the $20 entry fee.

I'm off to go teach, wish me luck since I'm super tired.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Amazing results!

This past Saturday I ran in the Tanger Outlet Fit for Families 5K race in Williamsburg, Iowa.

See post here

This ended up being a very small race, in fact I just looked up the race results and there were only 49 that ended up showing up to race. This is extremely small for a race, especially since over 100 had registered. It had been raining and lightening just an hour before the race so people probably got scared off by that is my guess and just slept in. Not me, when I pay for a race I show up!

This race divided people by age group for the awards. My age group had 7 people in it. Out of those 7 I placed first. I couldn't believe it, it was a shocker for sure. The #2 person finished a minute behind me, then the #3 finished a minute behind her.

My time was 29:38, which for me is fast. I actually had a little minute of walking during my race because I got too hot and had to take my jacket off, unpin my race number off my jacket and re-pin it to my tank top, then tie my jacket around my waist then continue running. I'm wondering now had I not taken all that time to do all that then I could have been in the 28 minute range.

Either way I'm super pleased with both my time and my results. So awesome.

Overall I placed #17 out of 49 total people

There were only 12 men that participated in this race and 37 women. Out of the women I was #8 out of 37 not too bad.

Problem with this is, I'm now even more addicted to running and can't wait till my next race!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Goals

Now that one of my major goals is completed (running an entire half marathon) I have decided to set a few more goals.

1. Run the Columbus, Ohio half marathon on May 7th and beat my current half marathon time by 13 minutes or more. (This would be shaving 1 minute per mile off my time)

2. Run the Park to Park half marathon again next September, 2011 and beat my half marathon time again by at least 6 minutes. (that's about 30 seconds shaved off per mile)

3. Run the Lewis and Clark Marathon (26.2 miles) in Sioux City, Iowa in October 2011 and FINISH.

I love goal three because of three reasons. 1. It is so hard to find marathons on Saturdays, in fact it's almost impossible, so to find this one was awesome. 2. For it to be in the same state, even better. 3. Then for it to be named Lewis and Clark, CLASSIC. If you don't know already my maiden name is Lewis, but now I'm a Clark. So wearing that shirt after the race will be fun!

So with these three hard goals I have some work to do.

Here is how I will proceed:

1. After I heal from all injuries from this last race I will run consistently every week. 3-5 miles on Mondays, 6-8 miles on Wednesdays or Saturday, and 3-5 miles on Friday.

2. I will up my mileage super slowly. Meaning, in a few weeks I will up things to
Monday 4-6 miles, Wednesdays and or Saturdays 7-9 miles, and Fridays 4-6 miles

3. I will start doing Yoga, for I've heard this helps with not only flexibility, but with not feeling sore after races

4. I plan on running up to 15-18 miles by the time I do the Half Marathon in May, so I'm overly ready for that race. This way after the Half Marathon in May I can totally concentrate on training for the 26 miles race from June through October.

5. I will continue to cross train by doing Sculpting classes 3 times a week so my other muscles stay strong.

6. Realize that this is Possible and I need to stay focused each week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Park to Park Half Marathon--Cedar Falls, IA

Today I did it. I ran 13.1 miles and had a great time of 2:26:30 this beats my last half marathon which had a time of 2:55:00

Here is the link to check out details on the race.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And I thought last week was hard

Today was the day that I was scheduled to run my LONG run. I was actually worried about it.

It was 10 miles.

So last night I got on this fun website called map my ride.

It works like this. You type in your address and a green x goes on your house, then you move that x down streets and paths and the counter on the right says the mileage and it's 100% accurate for I've tested it with my car after a couple routes I did.

Anyway, last night I routed 10 miles and wrote down the directions on a tiny piece of paper that I could carry with me running.

At 5a.m. I woke up and dressed for my run. I ate a half banana so my stomach wouldn't be too full and drank some water. Then I left around 5:15a.m.

I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran some more. It was hard and there were many times I had to talk myself into continuing this CRAZY goal. Then I ran and ran.

Then I finally reached home again and to my surprise my time was 1 hour and 43 minutes. That is super awesome for me since that ends up being a 10 minute 15 second average mile and I'm usually so much slower than that, so to keep that pace for that long is super great! At least I think so. I reached home and stretched and walked a tiny bit.

I feel so ready for my Half Marathon next weekend now!!!! Hope that 3 more miles won't kill me.