Monday, August 17, 2009

Step Aerobics Launch

This past weekend we had our Step Aerobics Launch, this means we present a new release of 12-13 songs to our classes.
The pictures didn't turn out that great, but you get the idea.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Several Inches

I teach aerobics classes at two different gyms. One gym is called Ladies Workout Express. It is a small all Woman's gym.

I started teaching Zumba last November for two days during the week. By December the night Zumba class was thriving, but the morning class wasn't going so well, just not enough interest.

That was a bummer, but I continued to teach once a week. In January I decided that it would be great to teach something else there. I really liked the gym and the people. I presented my idea to the owner. I told her I wanted to do a Body Sculpting type class. I did a sample class and it was a hit. All the women seemed to love it and several signed up to come back. Since then I decided to call my class Total Body Sculpt. This is a class I have totally made up and it's different every time. I really enjoy it and my class does too.

Here's the coolest thing about this class:

Once a month the women get their measurements done, along with weight and body fat compositions. Every woman that has been faithful about going to class at least twice a week has been loosing inches. Lots of inches. Today one of the girls told me that she has lost 3 total inches in the last month. I was so excited for her. This is one story out of many that the woman have been reporting to me. I'm glad they are getting such great results. I hope it continues.