Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 7 of 7 Final

Ok, here we are at the end of the contest. We can't declare a winner. Why?????

Because of one main reason. We don't have a scale to weigh on. Here's the story:

Jason always weighed in at Core fitness after his Body Step class on Monday mornings. I always weighed in at the Plasma center on Monday afternoons.

Last week a blood test I had taken came back as low protein so I was required to have a new blood draw. I did that and until the results come back, I am denied for 7-10 days, which ultimately means no getting weighed on their scale and no donating plasma for extra income.

Kinda bites big time (not the weighing in part, but the no donating part because there's no extra income)

Then since bad luck seemed to be all around last week. Jason and I both got fired from our fitness instructor positions at Core fitness last week, this was due to reasons we don't understand. This also means we can't teach classes ever again at that facility and we won't be weighing in on their scale.

So there's your story and I'm sticking to it.

Now someday if we decide to actually buy a scale for our home, then we will weigh in again and perhaps start a new contest. I happened to like only weighing in once a week somewhere other than my home.

I personally believe that if you have a scale in the house you will weigh in all the time which can be emotionally draining or lead to eating disorders, just from what I've read. I know personally when I had gained just 1 pound I would cry, now why I'd cry would baffle me greatly since seriously it was ONLY 1 POUND and could have been so much worse. Heck I used to be 80 pounds heavier so why would 1 pound bother me so???

So I have chosen in the past to not have a scale in the house which means we had to forfeit this contest.

Either way in these last 7 weeks, both Jason and I have been eating better overall and have tried some new exercise that we hadn't tried before thus leading to better heath in the end which was the goal at the start.

Check back often for health tips and perhaps a new contest someday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 6 of 7

We are almost there and this past week we actually both didn't do well. I made this Spiced Apple Banana Cream Cake over the weekend and we both ate more servings than anyone ever should, and we both gained a pound this past week. So sad, in fact, so sad that we both decided to weigh in again on Thursday just to see if life got any better for us by then. So we will have a week 6 1/2 update for you in a day or so.

Totals are

Michelle at 139 lbs. total loss of 5 pounds overall
Jason at 200 lbs. total loss of 1 pound overall

Also I have to add that Jason is just looking so hot these days and even though the scale is being extremely rude to him, it doesn't at all reflect how he looks. He has toned so much and I know that since he lifts super heavy weights that he is replacing muscle with fat. He has gone down a size to a 34 waist instead of a 36 so that says more than some stupid scale.

As for my weight, not sure why I gained this week. I did feel bloated and not super well. And I have had some stress, which I'm not sure if that reflects on the scale or not.

But anyway, it's back to the hard work and dedication to hopefully have our last week be very positive for both of us.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 5 of 7 in Weight Contest

Well it was a hard week full of treats and although it started out well, it ended bad.

Jason stayed the same weight as last week
Michelle gained a pound

So the weight totals are:

Jason is at 199 he has lost 2 pounds total
Michelle is at 138 I have lost 6 pounds total

Here we go again. Two weeks left.