Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tri in July - Super Sprint Triathlon - Sigourney, IA - Sunday, July 3, 2016

There is no way you could ever have more perfect weather in July for a triathlon. Today was just amazing. It started at around 58 degrees and just stayed in the low 60's with low humidity the entire race, with a nice breeze.

This race is a super sprint triathlon in a small town.  A fun race that you can sprint all out for the entire thing.  Only 300 yards swimminginan outdoor pool, so no openwater! Then almost 6 miles biking and a 2 mile run.  Perfect for a first time triathlete.

I talked my friend Chris into doing her first Tri.  She did great.
The shirt
A picture before the triathlon began.
My garmin time.  I beat my last time 4 years ago by 3 1/2 minutes.
Chris finishing her first triathlon.

The three of us after the Tri.  We all did great and were happy.

Chris placed in her age group!

By some miracle I also placed in my age group.

Water bottle in race packet.

Close up of my medal!!!

Run4troops Marathon - Dubuque, IA- Saturday, June 25, 2016

This race starts in Dyersville and you run on the flat, crushed limestone trail all the way to Dubuque.  It was the hottest day of the entire summer and James Anderson and I still chose to run this marathon. You never know what you're going to get weather wise when you sign up.  So you just do your best with the conditions you are given.

This was my first repeat state for a marathon.  I was helping my friend James complete his first ever marathon.

We started out at a nice 11 minute mile pace and figured that as the morning went on that I could hold that pace.  Wrong.  It was too hot to walk outside let alone run.  We were burning up by mile 13.

The only thing that saved us was our friends on the Cocky Rooster Race team.  They showed up all over the course to give us water, grapes, electrolyte pills, squirt us with water guns and give us bags of ice.  I really don't feel that we could have completed this race without them.  My friend Amy showed up too to cheer me on and offer support.

In the last 4 miles we walked a lot.  Every part of us was burning up.  I was so glad to see the finish line.

Many pictures are below, not necessarily in the right order:


Our friends on our race team.
A picture of us taken just after we started.
Medal,bib and results

After getting cleaned up with my new race shirt on.

The finish line

My race time on my Garmin.

After the race posing with our medals.

Amy and I later that day.

Quad Cities Triathlon 2016 - Saturday June 18, 2016- Davenport, IA

An absolutely perfect morning for a triathlon. Couldn't ask for a better day. Tyler, Amy and I all stayed in the same hotel room to save money and because the hotel had only one room left with a King bed we all shared it.

 Yes, three people in the same bed.  Nice that the bed was massive.  None of us touched all night.  I got the middle so I was happy.

We woke extremely early, body glided everything,  dressed, loaded our bikes and left.

This was Amy and Tyler's first outdoor triathlon so they were a bit nervous.   I was nervous because I always freak out in the water portion of the race.  I very much dislike open water swimming.

The race went well for all of us.  I didn't go as fast on the bike as I thought I had so I was disappointed with my bike time. But I didn't panic at all in the swim and that's huge for me.  Amy who just learned to swim in January completed the entire triathlon and was happy.  Tyler did excellent for his first time out with really fast times in all three sports.

Results are Here  if you care.

Me, Amy, Tyler

My bike spot

Our feet pre race

Us three showing off our race tattoos

The sunrise that morning. 

Driftless Discovery Trail Run - Decorah, IA - Saturday, June 4, 2016

Funny thing about this race is I was told it was flat. Amy said we were doing a race on this brand new flat running trail in Decorah.

Well she was wrong about the location and it ended up being a trail race in the woods that was super difficult.

It wasn't the worst thing I've ever ran, but it was hard.  An experience I won't forget.

Would I do it again?  Maybe, but only after some trail run training  for it'scompletely different from road racing.

It had 1383 feet of climbing and was 6.3 miles long.
My time was long to me- 1:41:01, but given how hard it was and that it was my first 10K trail race, it was fine.  I ended up being 2nd out of 4 in my age group so that's pretty good.

I ran with Amy for just over 5 miles then split off and ran ahead, she wanted to walk at that point and I wanted out of the woods.

Front of shirt

The back of the shirt
Amy andI right before the race started.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

6K's of Summer- Iowa City, IA- Memorial Day Monday, May 30, 2016

A very hot Memorial Day May morning. The humidity was so high.  Most of the rooster team and 3 of my running friends decided to do this race.   Jason was the race director and did a great job.  There were some door prizes, food after the race, it was chip timed. $1,100 was donated to the Animal Shelter.
From left to right:  Me, Susan, Lorna and Chris
Chris won 2nd place in her age group.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 21 through Week 25

Week 21
Friday: Walked 1.5 miles, taught Sculpt
Saturday:  Ran Fargo marathon 26.4 miles, walked 2 miles
Sunday:  Walked 2.5 miles
Monday: Sculpt, Walked 2 miles
Tuesday:  Sculpt, Walked .5 mile, Ran 4.20 miles,
Wednesday: Sculpt, Swam 1200 yards, Walked .5 miles,

Total for week 21
Ran 30.60 miles
Walked 9 miles
4 Sculpt classes
Swam 1200 Yards

Total for 2016
Ran: 598.21
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 235.66 miles Outdoors
Swam:  59,700 Yards = 33.92 miles
Sculpt classes:  78 classes
Walking: 71 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 22
Friday:  Sculpt, walked 2.5 miles
Saturday:  Walked 1 mile, Ran 6.26 miles, Biked 26.26 miles outside
Sunday:  Biked 36.57 miles outside
Monday:  Ran 3.76 miles, Swam 1850 yards, walked .5
Tuesday : Ran 5.7 miles, Sculpt, walked .5
Wednesday : Sculpt, walked .5
Thursday :  Ran 3 miles, Sculpt, walked .5

Total for week 22
Walked 4.5 miles
4 Sculpt classes
Ran 18.72 miles
Biked outside 62.83 miles
Swam 1850 yards

Total for 2016
Ran: 616.93
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 298.49 miles Outdoors
Swam:  61,550 Yards = 34.97miles
Sculpt classes:  82 classes
Walking: 75.5 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 23
Friday:  Rest, walked .5 miles
Saturday :  Ran 7 miles, Swam 1800 Yards
Sunday : Ran/walked 2.20 miles
Monday: Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Tuesday :Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Wednesday :Swam 1800 yards, Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Thursday: Sculpt, Ran, walked .5 miles

Total for week 23
Walked 2.5 miles
4 Sculpt classes
Ran 9.20 miles
Biked outside 0 miles
Swam 3600 yards

Total for 2016
Ran: 626.13  plus
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 298.49 miles Outdoors
Swam:  65,150 Yards = 37.02 miles
Sculpt classes:  86 classes
Walking: 78 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 24
Friday: Rest, walked .5 miles
Saturday :  Ran 20.01 miles
Sunday :  Walked a lot
Monday: Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Tuesday :  Sculpt and swam 1200 yards, walked .5 miles
Wednesday : Sculpt, ran 3.13 miles, Swam 800 yards, walked .5 miles
Thursday :  Ran 2, Sculpt, biked 15.60 miles, walked .5 miles

Total for week 24
Walked 2.5 miles
4 Sculpt classes
Ran 25.14 miles
Biked outside 15.60 miles
Swam 2000 yards

Total for 2016
Ran: 651.27  plus
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 314.09 miles Outdoors
Swam:  67,150 Yards = 38.15 miles
Sculpt classes:  90 classes
Walking: 80.5 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 25
Friday : Rest
Saturday :Ran 5 miles, Biked 15.20 miles, Swam 600 yards, walked 1 mile
Sunday: Walked 2.5 miles, Swam 750 yards
Monday: Sculpt, Biked 15.08 miles, walked .5 mile
Tuesday : Sculpt, Ran 4.36 miles, walked .5 mile
Wednesday: Ran .5 mile, Sculpt, walked .5 mile
Thursday : Swam 1200 yards, Sculpt, biked 23.73 miles, walked .5 mile

Total for week 25
Walked 5.5 miles
4 Sculpt classes
Ran  9.86 miles
Biked 54.01 outside miles
Swam 2550 yards

Total for 2016
Ran: 661.13  plus
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 368.10 miles Outdoors
Swam:  69,700 Yards = 39.60 miles
Sculpt classes:  94 classes
Walking: 86 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Sunday, July 3, 2016

EF5K and Ed Thomas 10K- Parkersburg, IA- May 28, 2016

A week after the marathon I wanted to try out this race in Parkersburg, Iowa. I have always wanted to do this race given the town's history, but never made it here.  Here is a news story about the massive tornado in 2008:   News story

Then in 2009 their beloved Coach Ed Thomas was murdered, see story here.

After the tornado the race was started to raise money for the town.  After the coach was killed the race added a 10K.

Here are pictures from that day

The new high school.

Me, Russell and Amy

Garmin stats.

The sign for the town.

Russell placed in his age group.
Russell finishing strong.

Amy set a new PR on a hard course.

Week 17-20

Week 17
Friday:Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Saturday: I hurt my back  really bad, so no workout happened , walked .5 miles
Sunday:  18.13 mile bike ride, 4.05 mile run, but shouldn't have as my back hurt really bad, 900 Yard Swim, walked .5 miles
Monday:  55 minute Spin class, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Tuesday:  17.55 mile bike ride outside, Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Wednesday:  Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Thursday:  Rest, walked .5 miles

couldn't run most of the week, bad back injury.  Muscles flared up.

Total for Week 17
Ran 4.05 miles
Biked Indoors 55 minutes
Biked Outdoors 35.68 miles
Swam 900 yards
Sculpt classes 4
Walking 3.5 miles

Total for 2016
Ran: 493.61 miles
Biked: 658 minutes indoors
Biked: 130.91 miles Outdoors
Swam:  48,250 Yards = 27.41 miles
Sculpt classes:  66 classes
Walking: 51.5 miles
Body Flow Classes:  9
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 18:
Friday:Sculpt class, walked .5 miles
Saturday: Ran 26.42 miles in the Illinois Marathon, walked .5 miles
Sunday:  Swam 2000 Yards, walked .5 miles
Monday : Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Tuesday :  Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Wednesday : Sculpt, ran 2 miles, walked .5 miles
Thursday :  Swam 1000 yards, biked indoors 20 minutes, ran 3.33 miles, walked .5 miles

Total for week 18:
Ran 31.75 miles
Swam 3000 Yards
Biked 20 minutes indoors
4 Sculpt classes
Walked 3.5 miles

Total for 2016
Ran: 525.36 miles
Biked: 678 minutes indoors
Biked: 130.91 miles Outdoors
Swam:  51,250 Yards = 29.11 miles
Sculpt classes:  70 classes
Walking: 55 miles
Body Flow Classes:  9
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 19:
Friday:Sculpt, ran 4.20 miles, swam 600 yards, walked .5 miles
Saturday:  Swam 2500 Yards, Ran 8.30 miles, walked .5 miles
Sunday :  Biked 35.13 miles, walked .5 miles
Monday : Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Tuesday:  Ran 4 miles, Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Wednesday:  Ran 2.02 miles, Sculpt, walked .5 miles
Thursday, Ran 4 miles, Biked 31 minutes indoors, walked .5 miles.

Total for week 19:
4 Sculpt classes
Swam 3100 Yards
Ran 22.52 miles
Biked 31 minutes indoors
Biked 35.13 miles outdoors
Walked 3.5 miles

Total for 2016
Ran: 547.88 miles
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 166.04 miles Outdoors
Swam:  54,350 Yards = 30.88 miles
Sculpt classes:  74 classes
Walking: 58.5 miles
Body Flow Classes:  9
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Week 20
Friday: Sculpt class, swam 2150 yards, ran 1 mile, walked .5 miles
Saturday:  Biked 25.52 miles in 22 m.p.h. winds and super cold, walked .5 miles
Sunday:Ran 10.25 miles, Biked 20 miles
Monday:Ran 3.1 miles, Sculpt, Biked 4.1 miles, Les Mills Body Flow, walked 1.5 miles
Tuesday:Ran 2.28, biked 20 miles , Sculpt
Wednesday:Sculpt, ran 3.1 miles, walked .5 miles
Thursday: Swam 2000 yards, walked .5 miles

Total for week 20
Ran 19.73 miles
Swam 4150 yards
1 Body Flow class
Biked 69.62 miles outside
Walked 3.5 miles

Total for 2016
Ran: 567.61 miles
Biked: 709 minutes indoors
Biked: 235.66 miles Outdoors
Swam:  58,500 Yards = 33.23 miles
Sculpt classes:  74 classes
Walking: 62 miles
Body Flow Classes:  10
Rowing machine 17 minutes

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fargo Marathon - Fargo, North Dakota - Saturday, May 21, 2016

A great marathon in North Dakota that I think everyone should try at least once.  There are so many great things to say about this marathon.

It's a flat course, like flatter than flat, so if you like that kind of course, then you should run this marathon.
It seems like the entire town of Fargo comes out to cheer you on.
There are plenty of volunteers on the course
There are plenty of water stations on the course.
The finishing medal is really nice.
The expo was well planned out and had lots of vendors with freebies.
The race starts and ends indoors so IF it's bad weather you don't have to wait out in it.  However you can't start your Garmin indoors because you can't get the satellite so that bites.

The day ended up being hotter than Fargo usually has at this time of year. All the residents were saying how hot it was. It was a bummer because I don't run well in hot weather.

The results are here !    Lots of pictures are below.
About 30 minutes before the marathon began.
A bag given to us at packet pickup.  The bag is really nice and thick and I'll definitely use it again.
zip up jacket given to us for the marathon.
The marathon was about to begin.  They were announcing that we needed to line up.
Giant flag on the course.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  The flag was as big as a house.
Elvis sang to us.
My Garmin time.
After a shower wearing my new shirt with the finishing medal.

Marathon Bib and medal
Food after the marathon.  Pizza, water, chips, bananas, chocolate milk, cookies, and the best thing ever was cookie dough.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Illinois Marathon - Champaign, Illinois- Saturday April 30, 2016

The night before the race I traveled to Illinois to pick up my packet and stay in a hotel near the race site.   I ended up sharing my hotel with a girl named Jennifer that I met on the Corridor Running Facebook page.  At packet pickup I ran into one of my 50 state friends, George Southgate from Georgia.  He is 69 years old and was about to run his 289th marathon the next day.  He, with his wife took me to dinner at Bob Evans.  That was so nice of him.

After dinner I went back to the hotel and laid out all my stuff for the marathon.  About two hours later I met Jennifer and then shortly went to sleep.

The next morning the weather was as bad as it said it was going to be.  It was one of those weather days that you just don't want to run in. It was raining and raining hard. It was cold and just miserable. I woke up and every joint hurt. It's like my arthritis said, "No running today". I really didn't want to run. It took everything in me to get ready to go run a marathon again. I was not happy.  But since I signed up, I did it.

I arrived at the race site about an hour early and received excellent parking.  I found a bathroom, used it then went back to my car to just sit and wait.  The rain wouldn't stop.  I knew from the forecast that I would be running in rain the entire time and that was not going to be fun.  I just hoped that I layered correctly so I wouldn't be too hot or too cold.  I wore a hat so the raindrops wouldn't consistently be in my eyes.  I had my usual sports bra and sports bra tank on for the first layer, then a long sleeve shirt, then a rain coat.  I wore all of this until mile 20 and then felt like I had finally become too hot and took the rain coat off and wrapped it around me.

I really don't remember much about this race because I was so miserable being so wet.  I remember hearing everyone's wet shoes squeaking a lot, but other than that I just remember running and hoping I would get through it without chafing badly.

At mile 24 I rubbed my eye for some reason and when I did that my contact went up into my eyelid, way up.  So far up it hurt so bad.  I went over to the side of the road and tried to push on my eyelid to make the contact come down over the eyeball where it belonged so I could see correctly.  It wouldn't.  So I made the choice to run in severe pain.  I ran half blind.  It wasn't fun.  I had to finish the race by being able not to see.  Oh well, I finished and that was nice. I barely made it under 5 hours.  Below are pictures to enjoy.  Here are the race results if you really care that much:  Results

George and I in our 50 State Marathon shirts.
Waiting for the marathon to begin.  I was already wet and wanting to just start running.

Me with my medal at the end.  

The Garmin results!

The race bib and medal.

After a shower and stretching with my new race shirt on.