Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doing Better

Weight loss isn't fun for anyone, but I have lost another pound so I'm down 3 since my original post called "Fallen off the wagon" a few posts back. I weigh 145 and that's great for now. Would love to get back where I was in October at 137, but if not, it's okay cause I know that I still look good, and I'm happy with my body. So many people are not happy with themselves. I am thrilled to be a size 6 and sometimes a size 4. I must just be more muscular than some. It just can't be about the number.

My emotions are better, the new Birth Control Medicine, Yasmin, must be doing something for me since I'm happier overall and I want to go teach aerobics, and do parties for Pampered Chef, and I can't say that I've been happy since last August. I've had many up and down moments, more down.

I am eating less and trying to exercise better. I guess we will see how the next week goes.

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