Saturday, February 28, 2009

another week gone by

This week I tried hard to eat right, except for today (I'll post that in a second) anyway for entire week I did well and as a result lost another pound. So I'm down to 144. Wahoo!!

Now about today. Jason and I went to Burger King, neither of us had been there for a long time and a burger sounded good, so we went there.

1410 calories later for just me (I kid you not) we left.

I had a double whopper with cheese and just that has 1010 calories, can you believe that? I had no idea. I was just super hungry for a big cheeseburger. Then of coarse I had fries and fully leaded pop and I never do that. I only know the calories because they had a huge chart on the wall by the registers which I failed to look at before I ordered. Otherwise I would have ordered around 500-600 calories which is more normal for me. I'm usually a kid's size hamburger type girl with diet pop and no fries, but today I went all out.

Thank goodness I did an hour of Step aerobics earlier today, that will help with the huge amount of calories.

Anyway a good week with a pound loss. I'm doing well emotionally and getting lots accomplished at home and for Pampered Chef.

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