Thursday, November 19, 2009

Must I weigh in?

I was recently at my OB's office for my fun Yearly appointment.

The first thing the nurse wanted to do was get my BP and weight. I didn't feel like letting them get my weight this year. In a bad mood I guess, but I figured, it's not like I'm pregnant and I weigh in twice a week anyway for the Plasma center so I know my weight.

I asked her what my weight was last year and then I told the nurse, "Great, my weight hasn't changed and I'm not getting on the scale."

The nurse looked at me like I was crazy, rolled her eyes and then directed me to the next room.

My doctor who happens to be in our ward, so we know him pretty well said, "I heard you are giving the nurse a bit of trouble. " and then he started laughing.

What I learned from all this is, they really don't care if they get your weight or not so if you don't feel like getting on that scale, DON'T.

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