Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybe a little too much salt in my diet

This week I gained a pound, so I'm at 142.4

I was doing almost everything right with eating and exercise until this last week. It was Spring Break and not only did I snack a few times that I knew better, but we took Daniel to his favorite place for dinner for his birthday and he picked "Old Country Barfae" as I call it. I ate too much there and I had and ice cream sunday at our Church women's social.

Then on top of that I missed 4 Body Sculpt clases because they are on a sign up basis and because of Spring Break there weren't enough to take the class so it was cancelled. So between the snacks and less exercise I failed to loose weight I gained it.

Lucky me!

Excuses aside, it's time to get back to work.

Monday I walked fast/ran 2.5 miles total
Tuesday I taught Body Sculpt, went on the Eliptical machine for 10 minutes of hard intensity, then taught Zumba, then took another Body Sculpt class from my fitness coordinator to get ideas for my class.
Wednesday I taught Body Sculpt and then after ran 1 super fast mile at 10 minutes 9 seconds. (that's fast for me)

HOpefully this week will be the pound loss plus another pound to make up for last week.

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