Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 First on the First 5K--Columbus, Ohio

I went to my parents home in Columbus, Ohio right after Christmas.

While there I received an e-mail from Premier Races that said that they were doing a 5K race on New Year's Day. The weather said it was going to be an awesome temperature of 52 degrees.

So I thought, "What a great day to run and start the year out right!"

So I registered for the race.

As the week was ending the weather wasn't as nice as it has stated it would be on weather.com

By Saturday morning it was pouring rain and in the high 40's. I was bummed out because I don't like to run outside in less than 50 degrees and I can't stand running in the rain. Every person at my parents house mentioned it was raining outside hard. Yes I could see that.

But since I registered for the race I went anyway. It started at 11a.m.

The entire way to the race (which was a half hour North of my parent's home) it poured rain.

By the time I arrived at the race the rain had slowed down a bunch.

I went inside and grabbed my packet complete with my racing number and timing chip for my shoe. Then I just waited around for the race to start. I warmed up and stretched.

By the time 10:50a.m. came along (time for us all to line up) the rain had stopped completely and it was so nice out. A little cold, but I knew once I started running, I would be fine.
Along the way of my 3 miles there was a slight misting thing going on. It felt wonderful.

This was my best race to date because I achieved a Personal Best!
My official time was 28:31 and this means I ran a 9:12 minute mile pace.

I was 4th out of 44 in my age group. #158th out of 537 total people and 52nd out of 298 Women.

The only bummer was nobody came to the race to cheer me on or take pictures, so there are none to post. Either way it was my best race ever and I loved it. I'm so glad I did a race on New Year's Day to start the year out right with fitness goals! Can't wait till my next race.


Merrilee said...

Great job running a PR! I've had races like that when it turned out bad weather and the only reason I showed up is because I had already paid the registration fee! I think one was even in Columbus on Thanksgiving but it was too cold for rain-it was snowing!

Papa Doc said...

You amaze me. I could not even run to the ribbon after it was in my clear view. You look great, and you are such a great example to your kids. Good luck to you and congratulations on a personal best.

Dad Clark

Michelle said...

Thank you for your nice comments!