Monday, March 28, 2011

It's so dang hard

Another week another long run.  Well that's not exactly how it went.  Last week I ran 1.5 miles total.  WHY?  I'm really not sure.  The week started out with a half mile run with my friend Stephany and other friend Amber.  Amber hasn't run in a long time and so this particular day she wasn't prepared for her run.  She decided to run around the track with Stephany and I.  She did well for 4 laps, then looked pale.  I asked her how she was feeling and she said she needed water.  Stephany and I went with her to get water.  Amber passed out.  What a scary time for her and for us.  Come to find out she didn't eat enough at the start of the day, so because she did my Body Sculpt class and then ran she didn't have enough in her body for all that exercise.

On Wednesday of last week I ran with Stephany and Amber again, but we only went a mile and Amber was ready to be done.  I could have continued running and didn't.  Not sure why.  Then Friday came and Saturday came and I didn't run.  I was putting off the long run and as a result didn't do any running.

I decided on Sunday that this week would be different for sure.  That starting on Monday I would do my long run and get it over with for the week so at least all week I could say, "I did it!"

So I planned out a 10.5 mile run.  On the computer it looked so far away and it is.  It was from my house on the West side of Iowa City all the way to our old house on the East side of Iowa City and back.  While on the East side I took an extra distance around the block just to check out the old neighborhood.

I came home and mapped out my run on the computer.  I had gone 11 miles exactly.  How cool!!!

The not cool things about this run are these:
I'm really tired and I still have 2 Zumbas to teach tonight
My right knee hurts pretty bad
I'm freezing

But Hey I did it and that is AWESOME!!


Jess and Jen said...

Certainly sounds hard! Good job on your long run! -Jen

Jason said...

She's a little crazy.

Michelle said...

Thanks Jen. I'm trying to train better for this half marathon than I did for the last one. Not sure if I like running as much as I used to. I like it when I'm feeling great, but this last run my knee hurt so bad it didn't seem worth it.

Jason, I'm not crazy, just awesome.