Saturday, July 23, 2011

Downward Dog 5K in Coralville, IA

This was such a small race that only about 12 people were there. The race started at 8a.m. and I didn't even set my alarm to get there. I guess being a Saturday and being up a little late on Friday night that I technically could have slept through the race. However I didn't sleep through it.   At 7:30a.m. Jason woke and said, "You are going to that race right?" I said, "Yes!" and I got up and ready for the race. I didn't even eat my banana. Usually I do eat a little something before running, but I just didn't feel like eating.

I arrived at the Downward Dog Yoga place at 7:50a.m. and it was raining. Not a fun way to start a race, but for as hot as it's been around here (in the 100 degree range) rain felt nice. Although it was still muggy and my hands were sticky the entire race.

They started the race with just twelve people. Eight of us were 5K runners, and the other four were 10K. I placed 5th out of 8 with a time of 29:28. Not my best time, however I think that because I didn't eat any food made me have absolutely no energy which may have resulted in this bad time. Either way I finished. This race was only $5.00 so you couldn't really complain that you didn't get a shirt or a race number for your scrapbook. They did have food at the end. Gatorade, water, bagels, cookies, bananas and apples. Bummer is, they had 8 door prizes and I'm so unlucky that I didn't win anything. Even though this race was only 3 miles from my house, I won't run it again next year. I will pick a race that I have to drive further to that has a shirt, race number and possibly chip timed.

Stephany and I after the race was over.

The Downward Dog Yoga place in Coralville, IA where the race started and ended.

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