Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Return of the Turkey Trot 8K--Marion, Iowa

A gorgeous day for a run.  The race started at 9a.m.  The weather was 41 degrees, slightly cloudy, with 8 m.p.h. winds from the South.  I had brought my gloves and ear headband and had layers on, however by mile 1 I had taken my first shirt off, then by mile 2 my second shirt was off leaving only my tank top to run in, but it was perfect.  I only felt cold after I had finished and since my shirts were tied on me I was able to put one back on right away.  I did this same race last year and liked how well organized it was.  The volunteers were awesome again this year, plenty of people to help out at all the turns in the race,and plenty of volunteers running the FREE pancake breakfast to all the runners after the race.

I signed up for this race mostly for the shirt and pancake breakfast.  This shirt design is one of the most awesome shirts EVER next to the pickle run shirt.

I traveled to the race with my friend Tracy.  She has this fun little tiny Mazda convertible that is just cute and she offered to pick me up.  It was great to spend time with just her since I hardly ever get to see her and yet some of my other running friends either take classes from me at the gym so I see them at least once a week or I see them almost every week at other races.  Anyway I'm grateful for my friendship with Tracy, she has taught me so much about running and how the purpose of running shouldn't always be "to beat everyone, to beat your personal best, to run till you puke, or focus on a time"  People run for so many different reasons.  I run and think about things in my life and think about how I can help and serve others during the week. 

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to run with a new running friend named Rhoni Jo.  I met her several months ago and I think I've been seeing her at local races for over a year, but it was just recently that we connected.  I decided today that I wanted to keep with her pace and run with her so we could talk and I could try and get to know her a little bit better.  She shares my love and addiction for running and she also believes that finishing is the most important part of a race.

I don't have a picture of Rhoni Jo today, but if you go back to one of my other running posts you will see her.  I hope to do many more races with her.

I also shared the race today with Tracy, Janeen (Bella's Mom)  Bella is the little girl I watched for almost 3 years of her life.  Stephany, Jennie and Bill were also there.  I should have had my camera out more, for I missed a lot of great pictures of my friends.

The pancake breakfast afterwards was really good and the freebies in our packets were nice too.

The race results are here if you care.

My personal results are these:  My time was 50:20  I was 520th place of 698 total people running the 8K.  I was 241st  of 381 females, 36th of 58 in my age group of 35-39  and my mile pace was 10:07.  I currently have no voice right now and have a slight cough that happens about once every hour and I felt like my chest was tight, so I feel that this race pace was perfect today.  Here are some pictures to enjoy:

This was a picture of our course map for the 8K race.

This is a picture of my shirt.  I think it's super cute and I'll wear it often.

This was someone's Turkey trot shirt from 9 years ago.  I love the cute designs, just wish I could have found more shirts to take pictures of for my blog.
Tracy and I with the turkey.

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