Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Nearly Naked Mile--Iowa City, Iowa

On Saturday at 12:15p.m. my friend Rhoni Jo came over so we could practice our swimming for our Triathlon coming up on June 9th. We went to a local gym to practice and ended up swimming 22 full laps in a 21 meter pool, so our total distance was 1010.50 yards. After that we headed back to my house for a quick snack and to load up our clothing we were going to donate.

To participate in the Nearly Nake Mile for free you had to donate at least 1 item of clothing and whoever had the most clothing to donate would win a prize. I started hounding my children to get rid of old stuff because I wanted to donate the most. I was happy to get 3 full bags of clothing to bring. At 1:50p.m. Rhoni Jo and I arrived at the race site which was downtown Iowa City.

We were a little early and they were still setting up for the 3p.m. race. They still let us check in and get our super cute shirt which you will see in pictures later. I totally did this race to get the shirt. I gave the race staff all the clothing I brought and they counted out 54 items. I thought I was going to win, UNTIL someone backed up in a large suburban filled with black trash bags full of clothing. Yes they won.

Since we were so early we decided to take a long walk around downtown. We ended up walking just over 2 miles before the race started, then did our race. We both walked the race because Rhoni Jo just had knee surgery 3.5 weeks ago and isn't quite running yet.

This race was filled with crazy college kids. They were all mostly naked, many of them in just underwear. Rhoni Jo and I were the most dressed people there and probably the oldest people there. Too funny. Here are some pictures:

Rhoni Jo and I before the race.

Love the tu tus, especially on the dog.

Nearly Naked college guys, with some crazy guy jumping up in the back to be in the picture.

One of the signs.

Front of the shirt.  Love it.

Back of the shirt.

Me with a sign.  This should be my saying for my Half Marathons.

Rhoni Jo with her sign

This group of college kids took over 2 hours to put on body paint, they are all only wearing underwear or bathing suits.  Too funny.

Another view of them. They won the Group Costume contest.

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