Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Alexian Brothers Fitness for America Sports Festival 10K and Half Marathon-- Hoffman Estates, Illilnois

Jason and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and part of our weekend celebration in Chicago was to find a race to do.  We chose this one in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  I did the half marathon since I was scheduled to run that far anyway for my marathon training.  Here are the results for that race--Results.  Jason ran the 10K race and got a new personal record.  His results are here for the 10K.
Jason and I taking a picture of ourselves before our races
began.  Jason was running the 10K and I ran the
half marathon.

Around mile 11, I was running next to a girl that shared my
running pace.  Her name is Shelby and she is from Georgia.
I was impressed that her goal is to run 35 half marathons before
she turns 35 and today was race #33 for her.  I also learned that
she will be running the Air Force Marathon with me in September.

Jason caught a picture of me right before
the finish line.

 After a shower wearing the race shirt.

Later that day we both dressed up a little and went to a nice restaurant
called Rose Bud

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Jason said...

Who is that good lookin' guy you are kind of sitting next to?