Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Indian Summer Distance Classic 4 & 10 mile race.

October 13th, 2012.  There was a great race along Lake McBride in Solon, Iowa that I did last year and wanted to do again.  This year a few friends joined me.

You can't always have great weather and this was one of those days.  It was about 54 degrees and POURING rain.  It was raining so hard at the beginning of the race that while I was in the car with Alyssa huddled together trying to keep warm I said to her, "Alyssa we don't have to do this race.  Seriously, I don't mind if we just get our shirt and go home."  She said, "Mom we have to earn our shirt."  So off we went.  It rained on us the entire race.  Near the end of the 4 miles the rain started to slow down a little, thank goodness.  I took a few pictures of us drowned rats just to remember the day.

I love this race because it is put on by a great club called the Cedar Valley Running Association (CVRA). They know what they are doing when it comes to putting on a race.

Good things:
Chip timed
Great shirt
run by Lake McBride and that was beautiful.
Cookies at the end.
If you want to see the results AND a video of yourself crossing the finish line if you were in this race then click on this link:  THE LINK

Alyssa crossing the finish line.

Me with Julie and Alyssa post race.  We were wearing
trash bags to help keep us dry.  It kinda helped.

From left to Right:  Alyssa my daughter, Stephany my first running friend who
made me do my first 5K and got me hooked on running.  Me, Lisa F. that I met
at many races.  Julie W. that I met because of the Park to Park race, Tracy S. that I met
because of the Tanger Outlet Race in Williamsburg, Rhoni Jo that I met through running
races.  These are great friends and we are all crazy about running.

A picture of Alyssa's medal she won.

Alyssa with her race medal.  She earned third in her
age group.  

This picture was taken on the way home from the race, coming out of Lake McBride.
Both Alyssa and I thought this view was amazing so I had to have a picture.  Alyssa
took this great picture.

Alyssa and I post race in our fun race shirts that
we both like.

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