Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Timber Trek--Amana, Iowa

 Two weeks post marathon was this awesome race called Timber Trek in Amana, Iowa.  Honestly I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it given my leg injury, but since my injury was just a ruptured baker's cyst I knew the worst that could happen to me would be that I could be in pain.  I wrapped my leg super tight with an ace bandage (as instructed by the doctor) and went to the race.  The day was absolutely perfect for weather.  70 degrees and sunny. 
In this race you run through creeks, up and down hills, through sand, dirt, mud, over rocks, broken trees, over broken off cornstalks and then through a few obstacles.  It's a 4.89 mile race and is definitely a challenge to complete.

I mentioned this race to my daughter a week prior and she said, "Mom I want to do this for sure."  I was nervous for her as I knew she hadn't ever ran a race further than 3.1 miles and had never done a muddy obstacle race. 

We all had a lot of fun and I was a ton muddier than last year.  I recommend this race to others, especially if you want to have a good time with a challenge.

This race is chip timed, there is an awesome shirt, the race is in the afternoon so you are at the warmest part of the day and that is nice since it's at the end of September or beginning of October every year.  The best part of the race is the pumpkin bars and fresh home made cookies someone brought!

Here are the results if you want to see how we all placed.  Also below are some pictures to enjoy.
Rhoni Jo, Me, Alyssa and Jason

Me, Jason, Alyssa, Rhoni Jo and Tracy

Rhoni Jo, Tracy and I

Me running to the finish.

Alyssa running to the finish.

Jason all muddy.

Me showing off the backside and how muddy I got.

Me, Rhoni Jo and Tracy showing off our mud.

Our shoes.

Alyssa was happy to have placed 2nd in her age group!!

A picture of the gorgeous trees we were running through.

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