Sunday, April 7, 2013

FOOLS 5K--April 6th, 2013--Cedar Falls, IA

Back on January 1st the Fools 5K registration opened.  I happen to love all races put on by Trekman Racing that I wanted to run a 5K put on by him as well.  Dave (the race director) puts on a race called Park to Park in September and it was listed as one of the top half marathons by Runner's World.  So if you are looking for an awesome Saturday Half Marathon, you should check out the Park to Park race on his link.

Back in December I was at his Snow Shuffle race, however I was injured and couldn't run in the race.  My friends were going to push me in a wheelchair, but we couldn't locate a wheelchair so I just went to the race to watch my friends and have fun.  While I was there I won a 55 Minute massage at Elements Massage so since I was going to Cedar Falls a day early I decided to finally use my gift certificate.

Tracy and I left on Friday around 12:15 p.m. for Cedar Falls.  Our first stop was The Runners Flat to pick up our shirt and racing bib.  Then Tracy and I had some lunch, then off to Elements Massage to redeem my gift certificate.  I had a nice massage then Tracy and I checked into our hotel.  We stayed at Country Inns and Suites and that was so nice.  We got a super cheap rate since Tracy is a State worker.

Race day was windy and cold, however within a couple hours the sun did come out and warm things up a bit.  If you are looking for a great 5K then definitely book this one next year.  Why?

  • It has wireless chip timing
  • flat course
  • cool looking race bibs
  • door prizes
  • LOTS of volunteers to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • dri fit shirts that you could choose your color.
  • costume contest
  • Best of all, all kinds of food and drinks at the end so you can be refueled to go run again.  Even Gluten Free options.
Here are some pictures:

My racing bib.  Backward the number is 169 and divide that by
13 and you get 13.  13 is my lucky number so I'm always trying
to find a 13 in my bib somehow.  I know silly.

Front of shirt.

Back of shirt showing all the sponsors.

A before picture of Tracy and I.

We didn't know what to dress up as.  I was blank
with ideas, until I remembered seeing a group of
people at a gym do a swim party and they were
all wearing swim suits over their workout clothes.
It was hillarious.  Since our hotel was right next
to a Goodwill store we went inside and found very hideous
bathing suits that were way too big for us and we wore them
over our race clothes.  We had our swim caps with us and we
found super cheap (1.00) goggles to wear to complete
the costume.  We had brought our very cute
long running socks that Rhoni Jo gave us and wore them.

Other costumes we saw.

Here we are at the end of the race.  Too funny.

After returning to the hotel we put on our race shirts for another picture.
We went to the local STUFF consignment store to
do some shopping.  I found these silly 5 inch heels and had
to get a picture with them.  However I couldn't even stand in
them because they were so high.  I'm not sure how people walk in these.

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