Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crossroads Triathlon 2013--DeWitt, IA

You couldn't ask for a more perfect day.  We woke up to 62 degrees, no rain and calm wind.  It felt absolutely amazing outside.  By the end of the race it was 78 degrees. This was my 5th triathlon outdoors to date.  I've done 2 super sprints and 3 sprint triathlons.  This one was a Sprint distance.  If you are confused by now, this is what that means:

500-600 yard swim, then get your bike stuff on and ride your bike 15-16 miles, then put your bike up and run a 5K (3.1 miles).  This race advertised a 500 yard swim however it seemed so much longer than that.  Later in the morning I was talking to someone about the distance and they said they had a special swimming watch and they measured 575 yards.  Another person talking about the distance said it was over 600 yards.  All I know is it was definitely not 500 yards only.  It felt like forever.  The last triathlon I was in seemed so much shorter.

This race starts you in groups.  A bunch of people will jump off the dock and just hang out in the water and then they yell go and you swim.  Once out of the water you run up a small hill to get your bike helmet on and wet suit off.  You hop on your bike and bike until you practically throw the bike on the rack and then run a 5K.  Here are the  results.  Both Jason and I received new personal records for speed overall and better times than we have ever raced before in a Sprint Tri.

 I personally have a lot of work to do in the swim department.  I can swim just fine in a pool and for a long time with great form.  I get to a lake and panic every time.  So my swim time suffers greatly.  I beat my bike and run time from my last triathlon and I felt amazing as well.  What a super great day.  Below are pictures from that morning.  The first one we are pictured with Ashley, my friend from my body sculpt class. 
Before the Tri started.  Jason, Me and Ashley.

Jason's and my bike.  His is the one on the left and mine is the one with the
white handlebars facing the other way.  Basically you see 4 bikes here, ours are the two
in the middle.

Me running in to the finish. 

Ashley running in for a strong finish.

After the triathlon.  Feeling amazing and very accomplished.

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