Sunday, September 15, 2013

Long bike ride with Scott

I mentioned that I was going on a long bike ride Saturday afternoon and wanted Jason to go with.  Jason didn't feel like biking, but Scott asked me if he could go with me on the ride. I planned out an awesome ride that would include going under the freeway twice through a tunnel, under the railroad tracks through another cool tunnel. Over the Iowa River, over by the dog park and through many awesome trails in Iowa City and Coralville.  Scott put on bike shorts and we set out.  Up to this point he has only biked maybe 10 miles total and that was broken up through the day.   I packed some treats, money in case we stopped somewhere and plenty of water.  Here are some pictures.  I asked him when we were at 9 miles if he wanted to turn for home since we were about 2 miles away and he said, "No I want to do at least 15."  I'm so proud of him for going on such a long ride.  There were many times he would say, "Mom you can go faster, I can keep up."  He also said during the ride that he would like to do triathlons, so in 2014 I will book one for him!
A picture before we left.

Here was our final mileage.  16.13 miles.
This shows our fastest pace of 26.5 m.p.h.

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