Sunday, October 20, 2013

New goals

Over the last month I have been making some new goals in fitness.

One of these is to either bike or swim at least once every week.  This is harder as winter is approaching and that makes it harder to bike in the freezing cold.  Last week I biked a couple times and swam laps one day, however this week the biking and swimming didn't happen.  I plan on setting out my stuff tonight so I can bike into class at the Rec Center tomorrow and teach and then bike home.  It will be a cold ride, however I have a light on my bike so it will be possible.

Another goal is to get back on my elliptical and use it again.  It has been collecting a bit of dust and needs some love, so this week I got on it and did a mile.  Next week the goal is 1.10 miles.  I would like to increase my distance on the elliptical each week by 10%.

Another goal is to run more often and run more miles each week.  I have been running so much more in the last 3 months than I did all year because the first half of the year I was still fighting an ankle injury.

Last week I decided that I needed to be more consistent in my running and the only way to really do that is two fold:  Set goals each week and run a little bit further each week.

Last week I set my first running goal of the year and that was to run every single day except for Sunday.  This is something I've never done in my 3.5 years of running.

My sports medicine doctor who has done at least 10 Iron man competitions said that doing several short runs is very important in running.  Meaning.

Don't go out on Monday and do 5-8, then skip a day, Wednesday do 8, skip a day or two and then do 12 on a Saturday because it was your long run.

Instead spread that out a bit like this:

Monday 5, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 5, Thursday 3, Friday 2, Saturday 10.  This will be much easier on your body.

Since I'm still in the 15-20 miles a week point I ran my mileage this way:

Monday 1.16, Tuesday 2.06, Wednesday 4.10, Thursday 4.03, Friday 1.03 and Saturday 7.01 miles.

Total 19.39 miles for this past week.

My new goal for the next week is to run 10% further than this week and to also run every day again.  I feel absolutely amazing and look forward to running again.  It is easier to make time for a bunch of short runs than it is to squeeze in 2-3 longer runs.

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