Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Timber Trek 2013--Amana, Iowa

It was a perfect day to run. It was cloudy and 65 degrees. The obstacles seemed so much harder this year and CVRA lengthened the race to just over 5 miles long, but it was still awesome. I'm so glad my family all decided to run with me. Such a great day!  If you want to see the results go HERE !
All of our racing feet.  To me this picture means this:  Sharing your love of  running with those you care about the most. 

Here is a picture of most of my family.   There are two more children that belong here however they have moved out.  I was thrilled to have most of the family running together.   What a great day. 

Alyssa and her friend Sofia.

Finishing the long trail race.  I gave it everything and
wore myself out.  What a great race.

Alyssa finishing strong.

Scott and Jason finishing together!

Happy to be done.

All muddy and soaking wet.

Brenden in his muddy clothes before he changed.

Scott all wet and muddy.  He was not
happy at all.  He was super tired.
Brenden won 2nd in his age group.

Alyssa all muddy.

The front of Brenden's medal.

The back of Brenden's medal.

Jared showing off his new running shirt.

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Jason said...

I absolutely love the look on Scott's face. That was his attitude for the vast majority of the race.