Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year 2016- Week 1-3 of Training

Week 1
Friday 1-1-2016 : Ran 3.10 miles, Biked indoors 30 minutes.
Saturday: Ran 10 miles, Swam 2000 yards
Sunday:  Rest
Monday Ran 3.10 miles, Les Mills Body Flow class, Sculpt class, walked .5 mile
Tuesday:  Ran 3 miles, Sculpt class, walked .5 mile
Wednesday:Swam 2800 Yards,  Sculpt Class, walked .5 mile
Thursday: Rest, walked .5 mile

Totals for week 1
Ran: 19.2 miles
Biked: 30 minutes indoors
Swam: 4800 Yards (2.73 miles)
Sculpt classes:  3
Les Mills Body Flow class:  1
Walked:  2 miles

Week 2
Friday:  Rest, walked .5 mile
Saturday:  Ran 26.41 miles in the Mississippi Blues Marathon, then walked a bunch that day.
Sunday:  Rest, some water walking, some hot tub, foam rolling, stretching.
Monday:  Ran 1.13 mile, Biked 22 minutes indoors, Sculpt class, walked .5 mile
Tuesday:  Ran 2.5 miles, Sculpt Class, Les Mills Body Flow Class, walked .5 mile
Wednesday: Swam 1100 Yards Ran 4.50 miles, Sculpt Class, walked .5 mile
Thursday:Ran 5.15 miles, walked .5 mile

Totals for week 2
Ran:  39.69 miles
Biked: 22 minutes indoors
Swam: 1100 Yards
Sculpt classes: 3
walking:  2.5 miles
Body Flow Class: 1

Total for 2016
Running:  58.89 miles
Biking indoors:  52 minutes
Swimming:  5900 Yards
Sculpt classes:  6
Walking:  4.5 miles
Body Flow Class:  2

Week 3:
Friday:  Sculpt class, walked .5 mile
Saturday:Swam 3000 yards, Ran 8 miles on treadmill then 3.18 miles outside
Sunday: Rest
Monday:Les Mills Body Flow class, Swam 2000 yards, Ran 3.20 miles, then ran 3.02 miles outside, walked .5 mile. Sculpt class
Tuesday:Sculpt class, Ran 3.20 miles, Les Mills Body Flow class, walked .5 mile.
Wednesday:Swam 2000 yards, Ran 3.27 miles, walked .5 mile, Sculpt class
Thursday:Ran 5.15 miles, walked .5 mile

Totals for week 3
Ran:  29.02 miles
Biked: 0
Swam: 7000 Yards
Sculpt classes: 4
walking:  2.5 miles
Body Flow Class: 2

Total for 2016
Ran: 87.91 miles
Biked: 52 minutes indoors
Swam:  12,900 Yards (7.33 miles)
Sculpt classes:  10 classes
Walking:  7 miles
Body Flow Classes:  4

Notes for first 3 weeks:
Swimming is going really well and I'm ahead of my goal.  Biking could be going better.  I need to get on that bike twice a week, problem is it has hurting my back so I don't enjoy it.  Running is going okay  I should be at 116 miles so far so I have some to make up.  I had a foot problem right after the marathon so I haven't put in the amount of miles that I thought I would have up to this point.  That will change since all is well with my foot now.  If the mileage isn't able to increase, then I'll re-evaluate my running goal for the year and makes some changes.

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