Friday, May 12, 2017

Des Moines Half Marathon - Des Moines, Iowa - October 16, 2016

This was my first double race weekend. A full on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. Crazy I know. In my defense, I was scheduled for the half first and was only going to do that one. But then I saw that awesome medal for the full marathon in Baltimore on the same weekend and thought, "I could do both races" So I did.    I took pictures at almost every mile and just had fun.  It actually was extremely enjoyable to not worry about time.

Before picture with Russell
Around mile 3

Gorgeous scene


Funny sign

The bacon station that totally disappointed me.  No bacon left.  But I was running slow.

Cool garage door.

Right here.
Met up with Russell just after mile 12

My photographer friend Clark

Clark's wife Barb.  She used to be one of my Pampered Chef consultants.

Russell and I finished together.

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