Friday, May 12, 2017

Baltimore, MD marathon-Baltimore, MD-Saturday October 15, 2016

This was the first state I decided to travel on a plane alone to.  When I saw the finishing medal advertised online on their Facebook site, I had to have it.  So that very day in August I registered for the Baltimore, MD marathon and hoped for the best.  I booked my flight and hotel that day also.

In the Cedar Rapids airport I ran into my good friend Susan Ludwig, she was traveling to a high school reunion on the same flight to Chicago.  The weather was perfect for flying and was even more perfect for running the race the next day.  I got lucky.  My first flight was from Cedar Rapids to Chicago, then Chicago to Baltimore.  On that 2nd flight I met new friends, Emily and Terry Stubbs from just outside Peoria, IL.  Terry was going to run his 44th state and 50th marathon the next day and decided that they would let me tag along and ride with them in their rental car to the expo.  Super nice.  Then after that they took me to my hotel.  Terry didn't start running until he was 48 years young.  That is impressive to me.

It was weird being in a big city all alone, but I felt safe.  The hotel was located in a good spot.
That night I walked down to the city and went to Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore.  Had a good dinner then went back to my hotel to sleep.
The weather was a bit cold in the morning and I wasn't properly dressed for it.  One of the hotel staff saw me and gave me some old towels to wrap up in.  So nice.
I liked the marathon for the most part, but it seemed really hilly to me.  We ran through the zoo for a mile and I stopped for a selfie which you will see.  It wasn't my worst time, but it wasn't my best.  I kinda took it easy the last 10 miles because I knew I had a half marathon the next day.  Here are pictures:

Susan Ludwig and I waiting for the flight.

The sunrise in Chicago when our plane was landing.

View of Baltimore from plane
Another view of Baltimore
my bib for the race

A nice police woman let me have a selfie with her and her horse.
Beautiful view from my restaurant.
This race does a thing called the Baltimoron race.  You run a 5K and the half marathon and you get 3 medals.
Thought this lady was cool.
The start line
At the zoo around mile 5.
Just outside the zoo.
Another state to color in.  State # 16

Just got back to the hotel, before the shower.  Showing off the awesome medal.

Waiting for my Uber to pick me up to take me to the hotel.  All showered and pretty again.

Inside of medal.

Outside of medal.

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