Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Never Miss Breakfast

A lesson I learned in my first year of my weight loss journey is to never miss breakfast no matter what.

I hear so many people say things like:

I wake up late so I don't have time for breakfast
I don't like to eat breakfast foods
I eat a big lunch
and so many others

If you want to loose weight and keep it off for a long time or forever you must make it a habit of eating breakfast. Doesn't have to be big, in fact doesn't need to be much at all. Most people eat way too much at all meals anyway, but you need to eat something within a half hour of waking up.

The main reason is: Your body has fasted all night long and needs nutrients to start the day and needs these to start your metabolism.

Every diet book, weight loss book, self help book on good health habits, nutritionists and so on says to eat breakfast. They are right.

I didn't believe it either, in fact I used to get up on Saturdays to go garage sailing and never have as much as a drink of water and by 10a.m. to noon I'd have something finally.

If you are on the run there are literally hundreds of power bars, granola bars, breakfast bars of all types you can choose from so you can grab and go. Or have a glass of milk. If you don't like milk, then a small glass of juice. If you don't like juice then a cracker dang it. Or have a piece of that cold pizza you saved from the night before. Something to start your body out with calories. Something to take that multi vitamin with. (not having one of those either, that's a whole different blog subject)

Have some bars of some type in every bag you carry, every compartment of your car and desk at work.

If you plan on missing a meal, don't. You should be eating something in calorie form every 3-4 hours to keep this metabolism going for weight loss. (that's a whole other blog subject as well)

For instance, you have an early morning at work, you woke up late. Grab your bar or small fruit, a drink of water or other form of liquid, get dressed and leave. On your way to work eat your breakfast. Or have it eaten before you dress, it only takes 2-3 minutes tops. Then about 3 hours into your work day if you don't have a break, then take a minute to eat another bar of some sort. Granola bars are awesome, usually 90 calories or a small handful of cashews, almonds or other small snack (there are so many snacks to choose from) I prefer bars since they are individually wrapped, easy to travel, say the calorie content right on them and easy to hide in a pocket to break off pieces to eat when you are on the go. If you have more time then a yogurt is great, or small fruit like banana, apple, berries, etc. Maybe a co-worker brought some zucchini bread into work. Great, just have a piece of it, don't over do and eat half the loaf. Small meals bring great results for weight loss, but don't ever forget to start with breakfast within a few minutes of waking up.

When I started eating breakfast every single day no matter what, my weight loss continued. I had been at a plateau for a while and then I tried the breakfast thing, I started loosing at least a pound a week and I just felt better all the time. Your body will thank you.

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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I am one who doesnot love breakfast. Mom has taught me to eat it, but I do not even like breakfast foods. I laughed when you said to just grab that cold pizza from the night before.

One thing is missing from yourpost. There is a great difference in foods. Carbohydrates are utilized fast and usually do not last long. They tend to have the least amount of calories per weight, however. Fats have the most. It is as I remember, two and a half times as much caloric content as the same weight of carbohydrate. But fats take as long aseight hours to digest. You will get little fast calorie usage from fats. Proteins are utilized as amino acids as needed and only when eaten in access do they get broken down into carbohyrates (sugars). The have a caloric density similar to carbohydrates.
They take four to five hours to utilize for calories.

Then there is the non-digestable fiber content of food. That too, makes significant differnces in caloric content.

The point is that not all things we eat for morning pickup are the same. The juice, and even the milk, yes. The starch and sugars yes. Even the complex carbohydrates take only about an hour and a half to become rapidly available glucose (which is the form of caloric compound utilized by the body). The proteins and fats we eat for breakfast make us able to hold off getting so hungry before lunch or later, however.

So, teach me to shrink my appetite, and lesson the amount of fats I eat, and even the total amount of food. What a blessing that would me. Moderation in all things has long been the principle, but oh so tough to impliment.

Dad Clark