Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 2 of Weight Contest

We both weighed in today. I had a fabulous week and not sure how, but I'm excited to be ahead in the contest.

Jason weighed in at 201 (where he started so he lost a pound)
I weighed in at 139, so I lost 3 pounds this last week.

Total loss for both

Jason is the same

Michelle down by 5 pounds

Hoping this week continues wonderfully. I'm trying hard to exercise a little more each week and I'm eating super healthy, except for tonight at my Pampered Chef meeting, I did have a chocolate mint double stacked cookie thing that was awesome!! Basically I'm trying super hard to eat balanced calories throughout the day and have 5-6 meals a day. When I'm on the run I have either granola bars or dried fruit with me to get some type of calories in me every 3 hours.

Wish us both luck for another week.

Oh one more thing, I feel so great. I have so much more energy than ever before and I just feel awesome. Maybe totally healthy eating is the way to go.

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