Monday, September 1, 2008

A Weight Contest

Tonight Jason and I entered into a weight contest. I've never done this before and the challenge is something I'm looking foward to.

Basically it's this:

We both decided that we have around 10 pounds each we could loose. For my height, according to several charts on several websites I checked out, they all say I could be as much as 25 pounds less to still be in healthy range. Well I don't agree that I need to loose 25 pounds, but I definately agree that I could loose 10. I'm not happy with my current weight of 144 so I'm on a mission to eat better and get fitter.

Jason also decided that he has a good 10 pounds to loose.

We both understand it's not about the number, but we also both realize that lately we have been dipping into the treats a little too often and not using all healthy habits.

For these reasons and more we are in a contest. For the next 7 weeks (from now until he goes to his brother's wedding in Utah)we will both cut way down on the treats, not eat out and up our exercise. We will use these healthier habits to see if we can loose at least 10 pounds in 7 weeks.

Whoever looses the most by our goal date of October 20th, the Monday before the wedding will win the item of their choice. My item is silly. For me, if I win, I want Jason to clean the tub, super clean, fill it with wonderful bubble bath stuff, I will then get a long quiet bubble bath and afterwards get a pedicure done by him complete with him painting my toenails.

Jason has not picked his item of choice yet. Stay tuned to find out what he picks, but it won't really matter since I'm going to win!


Lokodi said...

that's a great idea. I have been doing my own "diet". I don't like to call it that because it's really a lifestyle change. I'm eating smaller portions and staying away from sweets. If I get a craving for a sweet, I buy the slim fast ice cream sandwiches that are 100 calories each. I write down everything I eat every single day on a really big poster and I've posted it in my living room. I also mark down how much water I drank that day and if I exercised that day. Then I have a colum for the end of the week. I weigh myself once a week and record my progress. I started this on Aug. 1st and since then I've lost 14 pounds. I'm pretty proud of myself. I haven't even felt deprived of any good food at all. It's a feeling of having complete control over my mind. I love it!

I think it's great what you guys are doing. It's an ispiration. Keep up the good work and good luck.


chelsey said...

Wow! Way to go Lindsey! I can't wait to hit the gym again now that the kids are back in school. It got difficult to convince them they really wanted to go to child watch this summer. Good luck with the challenge Michelle. I hope you win! I wouldn't mind that reward either. Smart choice!

Jason said...

Lindsey, you are doing it the perfect way. I just hope that I can remain as disciplined as you have been.

And by the way, Chelsey, I will win.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I keep telling myself that one of these days I will make those life changes that I need to make. I sit too much right now. I was walking every day during my lunch hour, but for the past 6 weeks, I haven't walked too far or nearly as much as I ought to. I did go on a walk yesterday. Today my knee is so sore I can barely walk at all.
I need to lose about 40 pounds. How do I get motivated to even get started?
Mom C.

Michelle said...

I think the best way to get motivated is get someone to do a challenge with you, then you are in a contest with them and yourself. Also make a chart to show what exercise you are doing each day and each week try to do a little bit more than the week before. Also somewhere write down the food you are eating and the amounts. This will help you see it daily and you will make different choices as time goes on just by knowing you have to write it down.