Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 K

Jason and I have decided to run a 10K on June 13th. We figured it would help us towards our fitness goals. The great things about this particular race are:
It's right here in Iowa City
It's on a Saturday.

Most races are on Sunday so we never sign up for them. Also so close to home, can't get much better than that.

I just hope we can both survive through the entire race and finish. It will definately be a challenge for both of us since neither of us like to run.

Jason wants to loose 15-20 more pounds and I want to loose at least 10 more pounds so hopefully this month of training will help us with that weight loss goal as well.

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chelsey said...

Wish I could run with you! I finally got my orthotics in last week and it's taking quite a while to get used to them. I am going to try for a 10K in September out here. That should be plenty of time to get me back on the road again. Any training tips??