Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working on the next race

After running the 5K race on May 15th I decided that I could do it again. So I registered for a 10K race on June 12th. Three reasons for this:

1. I talked my husband into joining me for the race. This will be the first time we have been in the same race.

2. I figured since I ran the entire way in the 5K that I could double that distance given 3 more weeks and even if I end up walking part of it, who cares, at least I tried.

3. This is a local race, right downtown Iowa City, only 5 miles away, what a great thing!

After registering for the race, my friend Stephanie and I were out running on Monday and I talked her into this race as well, so now I will have two people I know in the same race to share the joy.

Today Stephanie and I ran/walked 4.2 miles so we are closer to achieving our goal of 6.2 miles and we are still 24 days away from the race. I would say that we ran 3.0-3.25 of that distance and walked the rest. We stopped a couple times to stretch, but overall ran a pretty good pace .

Wish us all luck!

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Jess and Jen said...

Good luck! I am impressed! -Jen