Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 C.A.R.E. 5K and 10K Run--North Liberty, IA

The most awesome thing about this race was that my friends raced with me!

I teach a Body Sculpt class and for the last year and a half these three girls have been super loyal to my class and hardly ever miss it.

Stephanie and I have ran many races together this year, and we have been trying to talk Carmen and Bretta into racing with us since May.

Yesterday Carmen and Bretta did their first 5K race! I am so proud of them and glad they accomplished this goal! Stephanie came in 2nd place in her age group in the 5K and earned a medal! I ran the 10K and beat my last 10K time!

From left to right in the pictures is:

Carmen Davis, Bretta Shelton, Stephany Coleman and ME. I hope to do many more races together!

Here's all of us on Monday after Body Sculpt class sporting our shirts from the race. I think I look exhausted, guess that means I did a great class!

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