Monday, September 20, 2010

Amazing results!

This past Saturday I ran in the Tanger Outlet Fit for Families 5K race in Williamsburg, Iowa.

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This ended up being a very small race, in fact I just looked up the race results and there were only 49 that ended up showing up to race. This is extremely small for a race, especially since over 100 had registered. It had been raining and lightening just an hour before the race so people probably got scared off by that is my guess and just slept in. Not me, when I pay for a race I show up!

This race divided people by age group for the awards. My age group had 7 people in it. Out of those 7 I placed first. I couldn't believe it, it was a shocker for sure. The #2 person finished a minute behind me, then the #3 finished a minute behind her.

My time was 29:38, which for me is fast. I actually had a little minute of walking during my race because I got too hot and had to take my jacket off, unpin my race number off my jacket and re-pin it to my tank top, then tie my jacket around my waist then continue running. I'm wondering now had I not taken all that time to do all that then I could have been in the 28 minute range.

Either way I'm super pleased with both my time and my results. So awesome.

Overall I placed #17 out of 49 total people

There were only 12 men that participated in this race and 37 women. Out of the women I was #8 out of 37 not too bad.

Problem with this is, I'm now even more addicted to running and can't wait till my next race!

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