Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Burlington, IA YMCA/YWCA 5K Race

On Friday, June 17th Stephany and I left for Burlington, IA. This is her hometown and we were going to do a race the next morning. It was a beautiful day out without any storms.
The next morning we woke to extremely high humidity, in fact said it was 100% humidity, not sure how that could be because that would mean it's raining out and it wasn't raining, but there was fog everywhere. The temperature was 72 degrees out with a ESE Wind of 3 m.p.h. and it was extremely muggy. At the start of the race we met Stephany's parents who took some pictures of us. I got 3 bug bites in just a couple minutes and I was super warm. I wasn't sure how I would run 3 miles. However, I did run it because I had already decided to do it when I registered for the race.

The first mile I did in 8:45, by 1.5 miles I was at 13:51 so I had slowed down a lot. Mile 2 I was at 18:45. My breathing didn't seem to be in control today and I heard a little bit of wheezing going on so I hope I'm okay. I did walk at some parts of this race, but only to catch my breath and bring my breathing back to a comfortable/normal level to run again.

In the end I ended up 51 out of almost 100 people. I was 5th in my age group of 30-39 which I was told was the largest age group there of 22 people, so 5 out of 22 isn't bad at all.

My final time was 28:27 which beat last year's time by 46 seconds.

A picture that Stephany and I took of ourselves.  We were on a crazy ride at the Steamboat Days Carnival in Downtown Burlington, Iowa.  That ride made us both sick and we were dizzy for about an hour after.

Stephany and I before the 5K race. 

Another picture, this time closer up, taken from Stephany's parents before the race.

The race start

Me at mile 1.5

Running in for the finish.

Stephany with her 3rd place medal for her age group!

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