Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Races in One Day

I met the challenge of two races in one day. My day started early at 12:30 a.m. when I did a Zumba class as the Entertainment for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I did a 1 hour class and had around 50 dancers in the beginning and around 30 at the end of the hour. I arrived home around 1:50a.m. and was so wound up that sleeping was super difficult. I went straight to bed for I knew I had a race in the morning, but sleep didn't come easy. My heart was racing and all I could think about was Zumba and how much fun that last class had just been. I had at least 4 Zumba dreams and at one point woke up to my feet dancing. At 6:10a.m. the alarm went off. I got up, but it was extremely difficult. At 6:40a.m. Stephany and I were leaving for our first race to Kalona, Iowa. This was a 5K Race called the Hymn Sing Hustle. I thought it was just a cute name for a race, instead we really sang hymns that were the tunes of church hymns, but songs about running. Too funny.

The race was  partially a trail run in the woods. The other part was mostly on gravel roads.  I've trained on gravel roads before, but I don't ever remember gravel so large. I slipped a few times and once almost rolled my ankle. In the woods there were spots of mud, standing water, slippery grass, rough terrain, sticks, rocks and branches in our way. I took it easy and careful so I wouldn't fall. As a result of this "taking it easy while running" my race time was a disappointing 30:29 I'm pretty sure that is. They did the results in a weird way, they didn't record times, they yelled out your time to you and then they placed your tag from your racing bib in the order in your age group. So your age group results are correct, but no times will be listed.

I came home from this race and took a long nap. I think the nap was 2 or more hours. I even inserted ear plugs in so I wouldn't hear anything. I slept well!

That afternoon I packed my gym bag for yet another race. This time I went with my daughter Alyssa. Alyssa did the 1K Children's race and I did a 5K race. This race was in Monticello, Iowa.  A very small town in Eastern Iowa.  It was pouring rain when we left the house, but by the time my race started at 5p.m. the weather had cleared.  It was overcast and a tiny bit breezy, yet beautiful.  It was 64 degrees and the sun peaked out occasionally, but not a bit of humidity.  This race had cash prizes and some of the best runners in the state were attending this one.  I was in the biggest age group there.  There were many amazing runners with super fast times of 20 minutes to 24 minutes.  My time was 29:28 I felt super lucky to finish since I was so tired by mile 3.  Mile 1 I did in 8:44, then by mile 2 my time was 17:30 so I was on track for a personal record of 27 minutes something.  However in that third mile I slowed down by a couple minutes.  It took all I could to finish and I felt my tired body saying No.  I ran anyway and finished, but not with the time I had hoped for.  Would I do two races in a day again.  YES you bet, however I would not do Zumba in the middle of the night before doing such a thing.  My overall time for both races was 59:57 for 6.2 miles, so doing a 10K under an hour is possible.

Next race is July 4th at 7a.m.!
Stephany and I before the Hymn Sing Hustle 5K Race in Kalona, Iowa

The shirt

My race number

Stephany and I sipping on smoothies right after the race.  YUM!

The top three women in the 30-39 age group.  I placed 3rd.  The lady in the grey placed 2nd and I was just behind her the entire time.  If only I knew she was in my age group I may have pushed myself to catch her.

Both Stephany and I placed 3rd in our age groups.  Here we are sporting our medals!

After our race I took Stephany to the Scratch and Dent Grocery store called Central Discount.  She  had never been there and wanted to see what kind of store would sell food like a garage sale.  Too funny.  Here is her stash of goods!

After Central Discount I took her to the Cheese Factory and had to get this "Cheesy" picture after she bought her cheese.

Ok so call us Nerds or whatever, I don't care, but our race medal sashes said "Super Stars" on them, so we were trying to do the Super Star thing from Saturday Night Live.  However it looks like we are signaling "Looser"

Several hours later, after I took a 2 hour nap, Alyssa and I left for my next race.  She decided she wanted to do the 1K Children's race.  Here is a picture of her before the race.

This is Alyssa running in for the finish.  She looks amazing!

Alyssa right after her race.  She told me she was really tired.  She is showing off her finishing medal.  Her first one.

Alyssa and I taking a picture of ourselves before my race.

If you look to the left of the picture it is me running in to the finish.  My official time was 29:28.  I'm the one in the pink shorts.

Alyssa grabbed this picture of me after my race.  I was completely exhausted.

Since the results were posted, I took a picture of them.  In case they are still too small, here is a better description of them--Time 29:28  9:29 Mile pace.  Placed 18 out of 32 in my age group of 30-39, placed 121 of 177 total runners.  Placed 55 out of 93 females.  I was hoping for even better results since the weather was PERFECT out.  64 degrees and breezy and overcast.  It had been raining on our way there, but stopped for my race.  I know my time would have been better had I not been so tired.

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