Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 Freedom Run 5K in Williamsburg, IA

This past Monday my friend Stephany and I started Memorial Day with a race. The day was 70 degrees with humidity, wind gusts of 20 m.p.h. or more and the course was hilly. Despite those three H's (Hills, Humidity and Hot) we still had a great race!

Here are my stats:
My time was 29:04, not a personal best, but for the conditions I felt great to be under 30 mintues.

I was 4th out of 11 in my age group of 30-39.
I placed 42nd out of 87 total people.
I placed 19 out of 51 females!

Stephany placed 6th out of 12th in her age group.

Before the race.  Stephany and I taking a picture of ourselves!

Stephany and Tracy before the race.

A picture of our shirt.

Tracy, Stephany and I before the race.

Another picture of us.  Tracy wasn't racing that day due to not feeling well.

Somebody's really cool looking running shoes.

Almost ready to race.

Running towards the finish.

A close up of me running to the finish.  It looks like I'm eating ice cream.  Must be a sun glare.  I need a better camera.  Look I'm not touching the ground!

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