Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011 Frosty Frenzy 5K--West Branch, Iowa

Today's race started a bit later than most. It had an 11a.m. start time which was perfect because I wanted to go to a cookie walk.   I heard about the cookie walk through a friend of mine that takes my Body Sculpt class. Just before leaving the house I asked Alyssa if she wanted to come along. She agreed and off we went. Our first stop was the cookie walk on the East side of Iowa City. We picked up all sorts of cookies, see pictures HERE, and then left for the Frosty Frenzy race. When we arrived in West Branch it was 44 degrees and pouring down rain. Just like last week's racing weather. I wasn't happy, but was determined to race because I had signed up to do so.
The hat you got when you signed up for the race.

Alyssa and I huddled together in the car because it was cold,  and raining outside.

The front of the race shirt.

Back of the shirt

A picture of me just before going outside to start the race.

Almost at the finish.

Running in for the finish.  I didn't have my running watch on so I had no idea what my time would be.  I ended up running this hilly race in 29:33

Alyssa said I looked very wet and worn out after the race and that she needed a picture, so here I am within 5 minutes of finishing.

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