Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Totals

It's been a great year for running, at least I think so.  I ran a total of 405.72 miles.  Out of those miles 154.99 were racing miles  Here is a list of the races I did this year:

1--1 mile race
1--2 mile race
28--3.1 (5K) mile races
1--4 mile race
1--4.89 muddy obstacle race
3--5 mile (8K) races
3--13.1 mile (half marathon) races
1 Mini Sprint Triathlon race (330 yard swim, 6 mile bike, 2 mile run)
Total 39 races for 2011

My goals for the next year are these:
Run 500 miles or more for the year of 2012, 200 or more of those racing miles
4 Half Marathons
1 Warrior Dash
1 Sprint Triathlon (swim 500 yards, bike 15 miles, run 3.1 miles)
mixture of 5, 8 and 10K races

Furthest I traveled to a race was 600 miles to Columbus, Ohio in the Columbus Distance Classic Half Marathon.  I decided on that one because 6 years ago that was my first race, however it was only a 5K.  See post about that HERE.  After that race I never planned on running again since the race was a bad experience for me (weather, not knowing what I was doing or how to dress, etc) just read the link and you will understand.
Shortest distance I traveled to a race was 1.5 miles and I actually ran there, then did the race.
The worst race I did was the Downward Dog 5K race.  I just didn't like it for several reasons which you can read about HERE.  Mostly I really don't like it when these three things happen:
1.  Weather (you can't control that, but I really don't like heavy rain or super cold freezing snow and ice)  OH and Wind, not a fan of that either.
2.  No racing bib for my scrapbook--to me this is unorganized.
3.  No food.  Seriously race directors, what are you thinking?  If someone is really racing (giving it their all to finish a race) you should at least have bananas and water.
the Downward dog race was close to home, but the weather was awful and there were no racing bibs.
The best race is a toss up and I have so many great memories of so many races that I really can't pick a winner.  I would say though that my top three are my three Half Marathons. 
Half Marathon #1 of 2011
Half Marathon #2 of 2011
Half Marathon #3 of 2011

I prefer to go to races with friends, so I would have to say that Half Marathon #2 was my most favorite long race of the year since I had the most friends attend with me.

My most favorite small race was the Muddy Monster 5K.  The reasons:  It was well organized and they have something for everyone of all racing levels and it's a family event.  Now if only I could get my entire family to do this one with me.

Hardest race I did this past year was CVRA Timber Trek.  This race is the reason I will try even harder races and do more with my running this next year.  This race taught me that you can do anything.  So one of my goals this year is to do a Warrior Dash.  I will train by doing more pushups, learn to do pull ups, run more and lift more.  I will be the ultimate Warrior and finish this race proudly.  I'm planning on doing the Illinois Warrior Dash since that one is the closest to my house.

Anything is possible, now I better go start running.  Feel free to make comments on this or any post on this blog, if you are a runner then I would really like to hear from you, especially if you have a suggestion for a race I should do, please place a comment.


Rhoni Jo said...

Let me know when you sign up for the Warrior Dash, I want to be an Ultimate Warrior with you! I've looked many times about this event, but didn't want to do it by myself. I am so glad I met you & you are my friend. I love running & it is good to know I am not crazy for wanting to run a race almost every weekend, or for running 8 miles just because I can. You inspire me to try new things & am excited for 2012!

Merrilee said...

Have you run the dam to dam race in des Moines? That was my favorite race in Iowa. I think it's in june.

Michelle said...

I haven't run the Dam to Dam race yet, but I will this year. I've already been to their website and plan on signing up for it as soon as the registration opens in March! Thanks for the suggestion, do you have more?