Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Holiday Hustle 5K--Williamsburg, IA

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30a.m. to get ready for the race. I met Stephany at Wal-Mart in Coralville, then we went to the Williamsburg High School to get registered for the race. Usually I sign up for races before the day of, but this one didn't have a registration form online so I had to wait. After registering, Stephany and I went to Tracy's home to get her so she could be at the race with us. Stephany hadn't seen Tracy's newly built home yet so she got a home tour. Around 8:40a.m. we all traveled back to the high school so the race could begin. It was only 27 degrees out and I wasn't feeling the greatest, had a little stomach ache, but ran anyway and I'm glad I did because in the end I did well and felt great about my run on this course. Here are some pictures:
Stephany and I before the race.  Freezing our tails off.

Stephany saw a girl at the race that had the same exact shirt on so I let Stephany borrow my hat because my hat matched her hat.  When they stood by each other they noticed they had the same exact shoes on.  Now how weird is that to find your twin at a race.  Too funny!

Stephany Tracy and I before the race began.  It was cold out.  I'm wearing thick gloves.

The race shirt.  Super cute I think, and one I will wear again.

My race number that I LOVE because my favorite number is 13 and my age is 39.  Super perfect number.

It was cold out, did I mention that anywhere?

Running in for a finish.  I didn't have a personal best time, however I did have a course best time.  The last time I ran this same course was Memorial Day and my time was 29:04.  Today it was 27:46 so I felt awesome about that.  This was an extremely hilly course and it was cold, did I mention that?

Here we are with Mike.  Mike is a man that I see at almost every race I do.  The last race in West Branch I went up to him and introduced myself because I had to know who he was.  Notice we are all holding metals.  Stephany placed 2nd in her age group.  Mike placed 4th in his age group and I placed 5 in my age group!  Go US!!!!

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