Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 NDAC Indoor Triathlon

The last Saturday of January is the North Dodge Indoor Triathlon. Last year was Jason's first year putting on this race and we had only 21 participants sign up. Last year I was strictly a volunteer and helped make sure the race went smoothly. Last year I didn't like the idea of doing swimming, biking and running in the same race, and didn't want to do the race.

However people change a lot in a year and now I'm totally into the whole triathlon race. This year we had 45 individuals sign up and 2 teams sign up. I was talked into doing this race with a few friends. Since my husband is the race director I had to help out after my race. I didn't mind and as a result took over the job of getting and managing volunteers. At first 3 weeks back, Jason and I were worried that we wouldn't have enough volunteers, but after I sent out a begging e-mail we had many people come forward to help. In fact in the end we had 20 people total helping pull off this race.

This was my second Triathlon. My first one was an outdoor mini Sprint Tri and it was a timed Tri.  You had to swim 5 laps in an outdoor pool, bike 6 miles and run 2 miles. I did that race in about 55 minutes.

This Triathlon was measured by distance and was indoors. You had 10 minutes in the pool, 30 minutes on a Spin bike and then 20 minutes on a treadmill. Here are my results: I swam 7 full 50 yard laps, and then 125 additional feet. For a measured total swim distance of .22 mile. Then in the bike portion I was able to bike 12.7 miles in my 30 minutes. This part seemed hard for me since I haven't been practicing on a spin bike and the tension seemed harder than I've practiced as well. Then for the run on the treadmill I pulled off 1.88 miles. My total mileage was 14.80 which I thought was good. And maybe it is, but I feel that I could have done so much more in the run, like another half mile and usually I'm sure I could. The problem was my calves got massively tight to the point where they felt like there were going to explode and I had to have a couple instances where I did a speed walk and drank some water. My calves are still tight now so hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better. I placed 33rd out of the 42 total people (not including teams) and out of my age group of 30-39 I was 5th of 6. I was the oldest one in my age group, the rest of the girls were 31, 33 and 35 and there was a 38 year old. My friend sent me this quote yesterday "Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start." Below are some pictures of my friends and I during this race. Jason will post more pictures on the family blog later on today and write about his experience as the race director.
Rhoni Jo, Stephany, me and Tracy

Me about to swim.

Tracy and I showing off our BS arms.  The BS means "Beat Stephany"  It was just a joke to get Stephany riled up so she could race a powerful race and do her very best!

Tracy and I swimming.  

Tracy, Stephany and Rhoni Jo in the bike portion of the race.

Me during the bike portion of the race.

Rhoni Jo and I right after the race taking a picture of ourselves.

Rhoni Jo, Me and Tracy right after the race.  I wanted Stephany in this picture but I think she was already in the locker room.

Kari Parks about to swim.  She ended up being 2nd Overall Female Winner.

My friend Allison.

My friends Scott, Becky and Rhoni Jo as volunteers.

Amber, Stephany, Allison and Mary being volunteers as well.

Me, Becky, Jason, Allison, Rhoni Jo, Stephany, Amber and Mary

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