Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Burry Scurry 4 mile race--Clinton, Iowa

Today was a great race in Clinton, Iowa called the Burry Scurry. It is a 4 mile race and today was the 31st annual race so it's been going on for a long time. I was so happy to have two of my friends with me today. Rhoni Jo and Stephany. Rhoni Jo drove in with her family and I picked up Stephany in Coralville.

I was worried a ton about the weather because said we were due to get some snow/sleet/rain during our drive there and home. The also said we would be getting this during our race. I am not one who likes to run in rain and I seriously dislike to run in snow or freezing rain. However we were blessed to have PERFECT February weather. It was 38 degrees with little to no wind and only cloudy. I ran a super great race for me. I achieved a personal record of 36:47 for the 4 miles. Last time I ran a 4 mile race I had a 37:37 so I feel awesome about this new time. I was also 20th place out of 60 in my age group and 90th of 374 women! I was able to hold a consistent mile pace of 9:12 which to me is great because every time I practice running I seem to hold a 10-11 minute mile. Below are some pictures of my fun day:

Rhoni Jo, Stephany, the Burry Scurry bears and me.  This was taken before the race.

the front of the race shirt

My race number

Stephany finding out she won a door prize.  She  won a super awesome water bottle.

Stephany, Rhoni Jo and I right before the race started

Stephany has this AMAZING kick when it comes to racing.  She  can pass everyone in the last 100 yards of a race.  She appears to be flying here.

Notice me in the pink and how far back I am from the guy in green.  I wanted to pass him.

Look I caught the guy in green and then passed him.  See him looking over to see the girl passing him.

See this last picture where I am several bodies in front of the guy in green.  The time shown on the clock is gun time.  That means from the time the race started till I passed over the timing mats.  My official time was 36:47, that is the time from when I passed the starting mats, until I ran over the finishing mats.

Stephany and I with two girls we always see at these races.  One girl is Lisa and the other is named Kris.


My race results

After the race we got a picture together!  Races are better with friends!  I'm so blessed and thankful  to have my greatest friends as my running friends!

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