Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 My Y Tri--Marshalltown, Iowa

Brenden wanted to do an indoor triathlon since he missed the one that Jason put on a few weeks ago. On I found the My Y Tri put on at the Y in Marshalltown, Iowa.  It looked well organized and out of the three indoor triathlons I found, this one was the closest to home.  This triathlon was set up in a way that you could either choose to compete or not.  Everything was timed.  You had to go as far as you could in your time and then whoever goes the furthest would win.

There was 7 minutes in the pool, then a 7 minute transition to get changed and to your bike, then 18 minutes on the bike, then a 2 minute transition to get to the running track, then 15 minutes running on a track.

I was excited that it was only 7 minutes to swim laps because I am not a strong swimmer.  I did my best and was able to get 275 yards in my time which was 11 lengths.  Brenden was able to swim 9 lengths or 225 yards.  They didn't count partial distance so if you didn't get to the end of the lane, it wasn't counted.

For the bike portion,  Brenden was able to bike 4.34 miles and I biked 4.46 miles.

On the running portion Brenden ran 22 laps on a track that is (12 laps = 1 mile)  he was super close to 23 laps.
For my running portion I was inches away from 21 laps so I was pretty bummed out that I didn't make it to 21 and only 20 were counted.  I personally think they should do partial distance for the running portion (at least in 1/4ths of the track or something.  Full Results Click Here

 Enjoy some pictures:

Brenden and I just after we got our bodies marked, getting ready to start the Tri.



Michelle's score card.

Brenden's score card

Our shirt

Brenden and I  taking a picture of ourselves.

After the race we stopped by a HyVee and there were tiny little Girl Scouts selling cookies.    We had to have some Caramel delLites.

Brenden asked for Arby's after the race, so that was our next stop.

Next stop was my friend Tracy's home to see the lab puppies.  Brenden had some fun with them.
Tracy had left a box of chocolates for Brenden and I that said,  "Congratulations on your race!"  so nice of her.

This sign is what you see on the intersection before going to Tracy's home.  I have been wanting a picture of the Oliver cow for a while.

Last stop was the Under Armour outlet store in Williamsburg, Iowa.  They had running shorts for only $9.95.  A really good deal I thought so I bought two pairs.  I'm sure I'll use them a lot!


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Mike and Adrianne said...

I think it is really great that you did this together. I think it will be a memory he will always have with you.

Michelle said...

I wish I could do every race with a friend or family member. Races are so much more fun when you race with people you care about.