Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Austin 10/20 Race--Austin, Texas 10 miles, 20 bands

My friend Tracy invited me to go with her to Texas so I could attend her Nephew's wedding with her. I told her it would be really great to find an awesome race to do in Texas while we were there, and that way we could have a finishing medal from a new state!  We found this race www.austin1020.com
I was impressed by the finishing medal and after talking about the race together we both signed up at the same time while talking on the phone.

We arrived in Texas on Thursday, April 12th and the first place we drove to was http://www.lukeslocker.com/ to pick up our race packet and to also buy matching tanks to run in.

The weather ended up being a perfect 70 degrees, little windy, with some rain sprinkles around mile 2-3 which felt amazing.  The ten miles flew by and I finished with a time of 1:56:35 which was great because I wanted to finish under 2 hours.  Here are results in my age group if you want to view them: Women 35-39 results.  Here are pictures to enjoy!
My racing bib.

Front of shirt

Stuff inside the packet

Me taking a picture of myself in front of a super large cactus the day before the race.

Morning of the race around 7a.m.  Pre-race picture of Tracy and me.  We bought matching tanks and ran the entire  race together.

Picture taken right after the race.

Me holding my awesome finishing medal.

Back in the hotel, after a long hot shower, after lots of stretching, wearing our race shirts!  My face was a little sunburnt.

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Good job on your race. It looks like it was a great few days to get away and have some fun.