Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 LIS Panther Pride 5K and 1 mile Run--Williamsburg, Iowa

My friend Stephany showed up at our home to get a ride to the race, and then we all left at 7:35a.m. to get to Williamsburg. It was cold out, around 45 degrees so I told all the children that wearing running skins and long sleeve shirts would be a good idea. Most of them listened. This race started at 9a.m. and had both the 5K and 1 mile races going at the same time. Brenden, Alyssa and I all ran the 5K race. Brenden's 5K time was 24:14, Alyssa's time was 33:29 so this is a new PR for her, since her last time was 37 minutes on the dot. Scott ran the 1 mile race and his time was 9:35. My 5K time was 29:05 which is good for this course since last year my time on this same course was over 30 minutes.

 Great points about this race: 
 Massive amount of door prizes and you got to choose what you wanted when your name was called. Chances of being called for a door prize was very high since there were so many. 
Indoor bathrooms. Indoor places to set your stuff, sit down and relax from the cold. 
Plenty of food and water after the race 
Water on the course 
Well marked course 
Police to lead the race. 
Volunteers on the course to tell you where to turn. 
Unique piece of pottery given to all winners in their age group and overall winners. 
Some parking at the school so you didn't have to walk far to get your shirt. 
You get a shirt and race number bib for your scrapbook. 
Accurate timing.

 Not so great points about this race: 
 It is a super hilly course, hills every 1/8 a mile it seemed so if you don't like hills or haven't ever trained on them, then this race isn't for you. 
Whoever the volunteers with the water stop were, they were talking at the table to each other and not holding out the water. Both of my children running the 5K mentioned this same thing.
 Both the 1 mile and 5K race are done at the same time so if you are running the 5K and your child or children are running the 1 mile race, you won't get to see them run or take pictures of them. :(
Before the race.  Scott, Me, Brenden and Alyssa

our shirt

My race number and it adds up to 13.

Our entire race group.  Alyssa, Scott, Me, Tracy, Stephany, Allison and Ryan

Scott running his 1 mile race.

Brenden about finish his 5K race.

 I love her shirt that says, "It never ends" when she is finishing.
Alyssa after she finished.

All my friends and family won door prizes.  Scott got a football, Alyssa won gift certificates to Cold Stone Creamery and Pancheroes.  I won two gift certificates to a local Mexican Restaurant.  Brenden won bbq and hot sauce.  My friends all won gift certificates as well.

My friend Allison and her husband Ryan both holding gift certificates they won as well!

Alyssa finished 2nd in her age group so she received  a cute little  piece of pottery.  I  love how Scott is  being cheesy in the picture.

I won gift certificates to a local Mexican restaurant!
My friend Bill.

My friend Crystal right after she finished her 2nd ever 5K.


Jan said...

You are amazing! You set your mind at something and you do it. Your time is so good. I love hearing about your races. Tell Brenden, Alyssa and Scott that they did great, and they are amazing!

Michelle said...

Thanks Jan, that is really nice of you to say. We all had fun. It was a super hilly course and it was cold and windy out, so not the best conditions for a PR, but still a great race.