Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Dam to Dam 20K--Des Moines, Iowa

On Friday at around 3p.m. Rhoni Jo, Stephany and I left my house for Tracy's home in Williamsburg. We picked her up and traveled to Des Moines so we could run the Dam to Dam race the next day. We got checked into our Holiday Inn Express Hotel, which we got an awesome rate at because Tracy is a state employee. Then after getting our stuff in our room we took off for packet pickup. Holiday Inn was awesome to provide a free shuttle to the packet pickup place. Packet pickup went smoothly except for the shirts. When you signed up online you had the opportunity to sign up for the shirt size you wanted. However at packet pickup they just gave you whatever shirt size was left over. So two of my friends that wanted larger sizes didn't get them because they were out. We all ended up getting pink shirts so we could match. There were some treats at packet pickup like goldfish crackers, bread, candy, cake, soda, water and we all had some of those things.  Then there was free beer for those who drink that stuff, none of us grabbed that. Instead we headed off to downtown Des Moines so we could have some dinner. We ate at an awesome Mexican restaurant called Dos Rios and here is the link if you want to check it out: the link

After dinner we called the Holiday Inn shuttle and he picked us up within 10 minutes.

We all returned to the hotel and I decided to swim a little, however didn't want to get my hair wet so I really wasn't swimming, just relaxing my legs.

Our nights' rest was okay, there were some SUPER LOUD drunk men making noise late at night on our floor.  Super rude since we were all sleeping.  I wish we had known their room number so we could have woke them up at 5a.m. when we were up for our race the next morning.  Oh well.

At 4a.m. I woke early to get some running in before the race since I was scheduled to run 16 miles today for marathon training.  I ran 3.1 on the treadmill in the fitness room and then came back to the room, showered and dressed in new running clothes so we could all go catch our bus to the Dam to start the race.

We arrived at the dam in time to check a bag that would wait for us at the end of the race, find bathrooms and get to the start line.  I had to run .55 miles to the start line.  Then after the race I walked around a while and we all walked back to the hotel so my total miles for the day was 2.02 walking miles and 16 running miles!

If you want to see results for the 20K then click here.  If you want to see results for the 5K then click here.

My friends and I right when we arrived in Des Moines.

After packet pickup I saw this cool statue and had to have a picture with it.

We walked past this place and thought it was funny, even
the monopoly guy on the window was cute.

The man who owned the shop suggested we get behind the bars for a picture.

Inside the Bail bonds shop
many captured individuals.
Not a board I want my

All of our race bibs.

A view from my bus window at the extremely large line of busses at the dam.
There were 8000 registered 20K runners.
On view from the dam at 6:55a.m.

Other side of the dam with ME!

Another dam picture.

Tracy, Rhoni Jo and my shoes with our timing chips on.

All the water stations seemed to be themed and
mile 8's was all clowns.  Since my Uncle George
used to dress up as a clown I had to have a picture
for a memory.

A sea of Powerade at the end of
the race.  It was cold!

Picture taken on my phone of all of us after we finished
our races.  

After showers, stretching and icing we all look halfway
normal again.

A picture of ourselves because that is tradition.

A funny car pulling a weird looking trailer on the way home.

Awesome looking yellow car.

Another view of Four very gorgeous women who are awesome.

A very fun 24 hours!

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