Thursday, May 31, 2012

Running in the Rain

I was really debating on getting up this morning. The alarm went off and I heard the rain. I peaked outside to see the rain. I shut off the alarm and cuddled with the blankets and didn’t care about going out.

Then I remembered that last night I made this goal for running today.  I remembered that each time I run it brings me closer to the big goal and that I just needed to go out. I knew I needed 2-3 times of 5 miles or more and this was my chance today. So I uncovered myself and got dressed in my running clothes. I wasn’t happy about still hearing the rain. I got on the computer and clicked on and saw that it said rain for the next hour and that tonight it would be cold, but no rain. I thought about going tonight, but then knew that I needed to spend time with the children and get this run over with while everyone was sleeping. I put on a long sleeve shirt over my other running clothes and left. It was cold, it was wet, and I was not happy at first, but what I found was a way to be happy through this unhappy circumstance.

I envisioned myself running in the best of conditions in total happiness with no pains with the biggest smile on my face. I imagined that the rain I felt was just sprinklers getting me when I was hot.

Soon I felt warm inside and could concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and finishing.

I thought about doing only a couple miles, I thought about only doing 3.1 (a 5K), then I thought 4 would be good and better than doing nothing. Then I remembered the 2nd part of my goal to go out and do at least 5 miles twice a week and that this was my 2nd opportunity and there wouldn’t be another until Saturday and that day it had to be 16 miles, so I plugged on and when cars went by, I smiled and even waved to a bus and I’m not sure why. I made myself happy amidst the puddles I was running through. I even ran through a park field to get a little muddy just for fun because I really felt that great.

It honestly felt like one of the best runs I have ever experienced. It’s funny how me choosing to be happy made all the difference in the situation.

I’m glad it’s over now, but would gladly go through that again to feel that incredible happiness.

I feel very blessed to be able to run.

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The Duke said...

Impressed and touched by your positive attitude!