Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Pickle Days 5K--Walker, IA

This is a GREAT race in a very small town.  I was first attracted to the race because I heard on the radio a couple years back that this race had the cutest shirts around, so back in 2010 I tried out the race and loved my shirt and just the atmosphere of Walker.  Such a fun race.  Since this year the race fell on Jason's and my 20th anniversary I took more pictures than usual and Jason and I had shirts designed special to run in.  Note to self though, never run in a thick cotton T-shirt ever again, it's just too hot and I should have known better and my 5K time greatly suffered because of it.

Here is a link to the photos the community of Walker took: Photos from Pickle Days  Pictures 20 of 57 is of Jason and I.  The results are posted HERE for both the 5K and 1 mile race.

We brought Alyssa and Scott with us. Alyssa also did the 5K race and Scott did the 1 mile kids race.  After the race we went to the Walker Fire department Fireman's breakfast.  A fun morning had by all!

The design for this shirt was designed by my
friend Rhoni Jo and her husband.  I asked
her if she could draw up something super
cute so that I could make shirts for Jason and
I for the race.  She e-mailed me the design, we
printed it off and made it into shirts.  Too cute!
Jason and I before the race in our cute shirts.

Alyssa, Jason, Me and Scott before the race began.

Running in for a good finish.  The lady in green I was determined
to  pass at the end.  I did end up passing her, but it was a struggle.
I was WAY too hot in this race.

Alyssa running in for a strong

Scott running in for his 1 mile race.

Scott and Jason at the fireman's breakfast

Somehow without me knowing, Jason had
purchased a dozen roses, hid them from me, hid
them in the car, took them to the race director
of the race to give to him to present to me.
Then the race director holds up the flower while
he was doing door prizes and said, "This
next prize goes to Michelle Clark, it's her
20th wedding anniversary and her husband
brought these for her."  Too cool!

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Your husband is so romantic!!