Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Flying Pig Duathlon--Washington, IA

Two years ago we found a race down in Washington, IA called the Flying Pigs Duathlon at the end of September.  A Duathlon is a run, bike, run.  We decided to do the race as a team with Brenden running the first leg, a 5K, Jason riding the 20 mile second leg, and Michelle running the final 1.5 miles.  It was 50 degrees and raining.  As miserable as it was, we had a great race and finished 2nd.  Last year, they moved the race up to the first weekend in August which conflicted with the Crossroads Triathlon.  So we didn't participate in the Flying Pigs race in 2011.  This year, Jason had planned once again to do the Crossroads Triathlon but a bike wreck during the Lake Geode Challenge prevented him from swimming because he has injured his shoulder so we thought that doing this race again would be fun.  I don't have pictures of Brenden during his 5K race because I was running next to him to encourage him to finish.  It was super hot and he was struggling at the end.  But he finished strong.  Jason did his 20 mile bike ride in about 57 minutes and then I took off for the 1.5 mile run.  I sprinted and ran as hard as I ever had in my life, it was hard, but it was cool to see my Garmin watch (GPS watch) telling me that I was running a 7.40 minute mile.  Now if only I could have kept that pace up for the entire 1.5 miles.  Either way I did the distance in a little over 12 minutes and that was good.  I felt we finished strong and was hoping to place in the top three of the team category.

Our team name was "Swine Flew" and it turns out we really flew because we achieved 1st place!  We Rock!  The medals were awesome and it was fun to be first.  Here are some pictures to enjoy.  If you want to see any of the pictures bigger you just click on them.
Jason getting ready to ride his 20 miles.

Jason riding in for a great bike finish.

Me taking off for the 1.5 mile run.  Scott was cheering me on.

Almost done.  It was cool to have Jason, Brenden and Scott
yelling for me to finish strong!

At the finish!

Brenden and Scott being silly after the race.

It was just announced that we won 1st place.  Here we are inspecting
our medals.  What an awesome feeling.

Scott our photographer captured this picture of us with our medals on.

After we were home and showered we put on our race shirts
for one last picture!

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The Duke said...

Awesome!! This is so great. Enjoy this life while you can.