Sunday, August 26, 2012

Warrior Dash Wisconsin 2012

A few months ago Jared said, "Mom, I'll do a race if it has mud." So I found Warrior Dash Wisconsin. Jason and Brenden also wanted to do this race. I was going to, however figured that with a marathon only weeks away that I shouldn't risk getting injured. My friends Rhoni Jo and Stephany also rode along so they could do the race too. Everyone had a great time that raced. I took all the pictures.
In the van on the way to Warrior Dash Wisconsin.

Walking towards the start line.

Stephany and Rhoni Jo

Jared, Rhoni Jo, Stephany, Brenden and Jason

Silly guys dressed up

The Village People

Even the Pope was there.

Two men in plastic suits.  not sure how
they did the race in those, but cool.

Brenden going though the mud pit

Close up of Brenden.

Brenden after completing the race.

Jason after completing the race.

Jared in the mud pit

Jared and Jason

Jared, Jason and Brenden.

Rhoni Jo and Stephany in the mud pit

After completing the race.

Posing with the sign.

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Jason said...

That's one fierce looking goatee!